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Ken asks…

Is it okay to feed a leopard gecko only meal worms?

Is it okay to feed a leopard gecko only meal worms? Or do I have to feed it crickets too?
And what other kinds of supplements do I need to feed it? Or do I?

weight loss cardiff answers:

If by ok you mean will they survive on mealworms then yes. I feed my 2 month old leo only mealworms because i can’t get small crickets when I stay. But he got pretty fat after 5 months of mealworms only diet … He clearly look obese. At 7 months he was big enough for crickets. For the past 11 weeks I’ve been feeding him crickets, giving mealworms only twice a week or when he is not feeling good.

You need calcium powder, I dust his food with non D3 calcium powder, twice a week I dust it with calcium powder with D3.

Not sure about vitamins, I feed the mealworms apple slices so I assume my leo will get some from there. He absolutely dislike the repcal multivitamin smell and will never go near any food with that.

Betty asks…

How many meal worms should my baby veiled chameleon eat weekly?

OK well i just got a baby veiled chameleon 3 days ago. He wasn’t eating crickets so i got meal worms yesterday and he at them within 2 seconds of me putting them down. I want to feed him these daily from now on but the problem is the people at PetSmart said i can’t feed him them more than 2 meal worms a week. What should i do? Please answer soon because i need to feed him. Thank You for your answers i greatly appreciate them

weight loss cardiff answers:

First off mealworms should only be given to a chameleon once in a while because meal worms are very hard to digest and should be fed to fatten up like maxworms.use small super worms instead. :oD
list of good foods
silkworms-very often
wax worms and meal worms- only for treats or for fatten
roaches-not to often not to long
horn worms-treat
phoenix worm-once in a while high in nutri
butter worms-high in nutri to not to sure about phoenix tho
look in the internet for more info on diet

John asks…

How do I get rid of my suckerfishes worms??

My suckerfish has these huge worms that come out of him and get stuck on everything in my tank. I’m afraid that they are going to infect my other fish even though I think they already have worms coming out of them too!! It is the craziest thing you have ever seen!!! How do I keep them from getting these?? Thanks for help!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I believe that what you’re seeing is their “poop”. In plecos, this is long and stringy (the color is based on what you feed them, but is usually brown/tan). If these are actual worms, they’d move. The poop just stays in place unless the filter is moving it around.

It sounds as if your fish might be a bit constipated if there’s that much and you’re seeing it in other fish. If you feed your fish dry food (flakes or pellets) try soaking them in some tank water first. It also helps if you give the some fresh greens for some fiber in their diets. Most fish will eat cooked peas with the skin removed, zucchini, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach, collard greens, oranges, shredded carrots, and others. It help them if you cook these for a few minutes or freeze them a while first to make the softer.

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