Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Carol asks…

how can i lose weight in a week ?

im 13, and i weigh 8.12 stone,
im around 5ft3, My Bra size is 38C.
How can i lose Weight in a week or so, and balance school aswell ?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You cannot healthily lose any significant amount of weight in a week, unless you think surgery is a healthy option.

You could temporarily reduce the amount of water in your body, but that would be unhealthy and as soon as you started eating and drinking normally you would regain all of the weight you just lost.

You could starve yourself for a week, but that would be unhealthy and as soon as you started eating and drinking normally you would regain all of the weight you just lost.

You could take laxatives, but that would be unhealthy and as soon as you started eating and drinking normally you would regain all of the weight you just lost.

Paul asks…

Can a 13 year old girl lose weight in two weeks?

Iv’e done another like this but sorry for my mistake so um i weight about 79.9 lb and i want to make my stomach, thighs, arms abit slimmer, not like really really slim just model slim, everyone mocks me because they think im fat? which i am, and so i want to show them in two weeks that i can look as much more better than before. is it possible if i can lose weight for two weeks doing excersises, eating less, drinking water every day?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try fruits and vege and no meat. Drink lots of water and exercise as often as you can until you cannot continue. This is going to be long term and not for 2 weeks. No point doing for 2 weeks to show people when you can do it for like your whole life and show yourself? Be confident about yourself. If you think your are overweight, then lose it. People mocks you means there must be something wrong with my weight. Take it positively and not as a negative energy for you to change. Don’t do it to show other people, do it for your own health and lifestyle. You will feel better if you think you are. By then you don’t need people to comment about how you look. You will know it yourself. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

how to lose weight in 2 weeks ? ?

Am a size ten and have bought an outfit for valentines day, but the top i have bought is a size ten and tight, it shows my ” pot belly ” and i look really big in it!
What are your tips to lose weight in 2 weeks? am not really a healthy eater and i always say i will lose weight and never ever do!
I really want by belly to be away for 2 weeks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Losing weight is a long term thing, but if you’re really that determined, run (not walk) 2-3 miles. Out of nowhere, such a serious workout will make you extremely tired, but you’ll lose a ton of sweat. Remember though, when you’re trying to lose weight, it works good during the first week or two, because once your body realizes it’s losing weight, it sort of starts to preserve it, so it becomes harder and harder because then your body/brain keeps getting used to the workouts you throw at it. Hypothetically:

You manage to keep running 2-3 miles and lose about 2-3 pounds (again if it’s a really hard workout. At my school wrestlers have lost 7 pounds in practice, but they might have done like 5 or something). Then the next day you do martial arts, something your body isn’t expecting. But Martial arts though I don’t mean actually fighting, but as in moving around like a fighter, and then you drop some more pounds there. The whole point of losing fat is this: your body burns carbs before it burns fats, so you want to make sure you have as little carbs as possible before you run. So maybe after your day at school/work is done, you’ve used up carbs just doing daily activities. Most people do weightlifting before running because lifting takes away a ton of carbs and then once you do cardio, there’s nothing but fat to burn.

But yea the whole point is that you actually have to do some WORK to lose weight.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ruth asks…

How to lose weight without running in the Cold Weather?

Im a 6.6″ guy who weights 260 and Im trying to go down to 220, how can i lose weight fast without running outside in the REALLY cold weather? Thanks

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat less and drink some slimming coffee, tea, or try diet pills like menova australia diet pills, i’ve tried it and lost 10 pounds in a month.

Daniel asks…

I permanently paranoid that every time I lose weight and start running.?

I permanently paranoid that every time I lose weight and start running.

People always want to pull a knife on me because I used to do martial arts.

so if I almost done losing all my weight do you think I should do karate so if I start dating and have to defend a party of three against a knife, so I can snap a or dislocate a arm or joint?

Isn’t it better to do Karate, then a route martial if knife or knives have been pulled on you your whole life.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I kind of want to pull a knife on you.

John asks…

How do I lose weight and prepare for track?

I’m 15-years-old and 5’3 in height. I’m not exactly chubby but I would prefer a more athletic and slim build, maybe even a thigh gap. I also want to prepare for track & field that will be coming in May and I want to make the team. How do I lose weight and run faster? I have a treadmill. How long should I run and how many days a week?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I downloaded an app called from C25k (from couch to 5k) cause I use to suck at running but my goal was to run a 5k and it starts with combos of walks and runs and slowly increase till you can run it all. That would be my suggestion if you don’t have a cell phone i know they have a website so you can look it up of the web. I lost weight just running but I also changed my diet slowly so look into some healthy diets you can ease into. You have time so you should be where you want to be if you have a plan. Good luck and hope that helps!

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