Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lizzie asks…

How long after giving up drinking beer do we start losing weight?

My brother is a little fat and wants to know if beer and alcohol in general has some effects on the body that lasts long after someone stops drinking and if losing weight comes only weeks later, because he’s not drinking for a week, eats very little, but still his weight hasn’t given up on him.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Just because you stop drinking beer doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. You’ll get healthier but if you want to lose weight, go on a diet.

Chris asks…

How does a 14 year ol lose weight in a week or less ?

Im 14 and i want to lose weight for summer because i am going to irish college at the end of the week. I want to do exercise to lose it like running or something , but i dont know how long to run or walk or jog or stuff . Can someone please help ?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s impossible to do anything substantial in a week. You gotta take small steps and trust me the wait is well worth it if you stick in with a good diet, and regular exercise. If you work out for a week and then stop obviously nothing will happen and you’ll gain the weight back in 2 days

Charles asks…

Whats the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight?

I want to know whats the quickest way to lose weight? I’m 14 years and 5’2″. I weight about 130 pounds and when I checked my BMI, it was 23.2! I want to lose weight in two weeks. I know it sounds impossible, but please help me! I want to be at least 120 pounds and be able to maintain it. So please help! Thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

The quickest is to start eating a lot of salads and veggies and soups. Drink LOTS of water.

Dont’ eat red meat, breads, starches, pastas, sodas, or sugars.

In moderation eat white meats, and fruits (fruits have natural sugars that can add weight over time).

Practice portion control. You’ll feel hungry at first, but every day you get more and more used to it until you are become full on the smaller portions. Everytime you feel hungry, if you’ve already eaten, drink water.

Exercise at least an hour a day doing both cardio and weight training. Weight training builds muscle, muscle builds fat. If you don’t want big muscles like men, use lighter weights and do more repetitions.

Good Luck!

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