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Steven asks…

What are some good ideas for following a new alkaline diet plan?

Due to fatigue and constipation, I recently started a new alkaline diet plan. I am having trouble planning meals and figuring out which foods I should eat and which ones to avoid with this new diet. If I am changing my life with the alkaline diet plan, I want to be sure to do it right. I need suggestions and tips to stay on track with my diet.

weight loss cardiff answers:

An alkaline diet can be very tricky and confusing until you get on track. Salad is always a good idea for this diet. Try to find dark leafy greens to add to your salad rather than iceburg lettuce. Iceburg lettuce does not have as high of a nutrient content. Furthermore, try some fresh fruit with your salad or as a snack. Fruits are a great choice for a high alkaline diet, as they are high in fiber. Fiber rich foods will help with your constipation.

In order to keep acid levels down in vegetables, be sure to not overcook them. High alkaline foods are better when eaten raw or steamed. If you overcook the food, it could turn acidy. Next suggestion is to limit you amount of sugar and flour. This includes avoiding or limiting breads, pastas, rice, bread, and noodles. Also it is a good idea to avoid dairy products when possible. Dairy products can cause extra acid in the body. Finally, it is important to avoid sugary drinks such as soda. When possible drink water or a healthy green tea. Good luck with the new diet.

Nancy asks…

Can anyone tell a website to find a good diet plan and meal ideas?

I just started working out at a good womens health facility four weeks ago, and i am really enjoying it. My only problem is that i need to work on my eating habits on a budget and i cannot afford to pay to get diet plans anyone know where i can maybe find some free information that will help me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi, there!

Below I have added a link to a free Internet resource for:

free diets and diet plans
free weight loss exercise programs
free strength training programs
free walking for weight loss plan
free e-course on How to Cure Emotional Eating
free e-course on Meditation for Weight Loss
free Psychological Tools for Weight Loss
free carb and calorie food counters
free weight loss recipes.

In addition, the resource provides free professional advice.

I hope this helps you.

All my best wishes.

Robert asks…

What’s a healthy diet plan for someone trying to lose 45-50 pounds?

I want to go on a diet. I excercise and I do lots of things. I wanted to know if anybody had a good 1,200 diet plan that worked. Any tips or suggestions also would help. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

6 Month Diet Plan:
Month 1 week 1-3: Have a apple or light fruit for lunch and breakfast. Do hard exercise for 1 hour everyday each morning.
Month 1 week 4-Month 2 week 2: No fatening things or junk food. Go for a mile walk everyday-add on more if you can push yourself further.
Month 2 week 3-4: Fruits and vegetables everymeal and one surving protient.
Month 3 week 1-4: Do hard exercise in the morning for atleast an hour and a half. Limit all junk food dont eat unless you are hungry, dont just eat because its 12 in the afternoon. Try to make it to dinner with just a couple of peices of fruit, when feeling hungry drink tea.
Month 4 week 1-4: Walk 5 miles in course of day, fruit and veggies for breakfast in lunch if hungry and normal dinner.
Month 5 week 1-2: Hard exercise in morning, walk 3 miles in course of the day. Drink only water, half cup of coffee if you have to. No fatening dinners like mashpatatoes or gravy. Drink tea when hungry-if actually fills you up.
Month 5 week 3-4: Walk as many miles as you can 5+ carrots for lunch everyday and grapes for breakfast. One piece of meat for dinner.
Month 6 weeks 1: Walk as many miles 5+ only fruit and veggies every meal.
Month 6 week 2-4:Hard exercise and walk 3 miles eat when hungry something fillling but not fatening.

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