Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Charles asks…

Anyone wanna tell me how to lose weight uber uber fast?

So I’ve been working out and eating good fro a long time. I don’t lose any weight. I’m the nastiest chick in my school and I can’t stand it. I just want to get rid of my nastily gross stomach. Just wondering if like bulimia makes you lose weight kinda fast. Cause I’m freaking seriously do anything. I just can’t stand it anymore.

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you need to know some good ways to lose weight fast, (and safely), then make sure you read these 3 essential steps to to lose weight very quickly without starvation, bland diets or hard workouts!

In fact, using this method can and often DOES produce visible weight loss results in as little as 10 days or less.

If you need to know how to lose weight quickly then this article will be your saviour. But before I set you in the right direction, I must say that quick weight loss (aka yo-yo dieting) is NOT a healthy way to carry on eating.

Lecture over! Now let’s shed those pounds off your body so that you’re left with a lean, sexy shape in ultra quick time, ok?

There are actually several approaches that people take to lose weight very quickly. Celebrities use very dangerous yo-yo diets where they go from normal calorie consumption to things like Lemon Tea for breakfast.

Well, forget that. Too much torture!

So instead, I am going to share with you and focus on the single most effective fast weight loss technique that, when combined with a proper system can see you lose A LOT of weight in as quickly as 10 days or less, but more to the point, it will not be anywhere near as difficult as those flimsy and bland celebrity diets…

It’s called “carb rotation”.

Carb rotation is a short term diet strategy that consists of three key elements:

1. Huge CUT on your usual fat intake

2. Limiting your overall carbohydrate consumption

3. Boost your protein consumption

We all know the first element is pretty obvious, because fat will have no place in our temporary quick weight loss plan. Lose the skin on chicken, put oil to one side and leave out the butter whilst losing the weight this way.

Next, you’ll see that I mentioned limiting you carbohydrate consumption. Again, this sounds obvious…but it’s important that it is done right because by properly limiting your carbs, you will suppress the release of insulin in your body.

Insulin helps the body to store fat more quickly, so by limiting carbohydrates you shut down the supply of insulin, therefore increasing fat loss rather quickly and rather effectively!

(And who said weight loss was hard work huh?)

Finally, you’ll notice I mention adding extra protein to your diet. Now this is actually more important than you might think. Because during your quick weight loss, if there is no added protein, your body will start eating into your muscle tissue.

This is BAD NEWS because it can not only make you weak but will also give a very unhealthy, un-toned appearance of contours around your body due to a slight loss of muscle tissue.

You might feel weak during the first few days to weeks, because the body will go into a stage of ketosis. This is due to the sudden loss of protein and fats.

This can be avoided with proper expert guidance, but as we’re not in a position to hire a personal nutritionist or have the time to mess around scouring advice from each corner of the internet and desperately trying to build a safe plan to lose weight quickly and safely, there is a better (and even quicker and more effective) option available to you!

Because if you’re serious about losing weight in as little as 10 Days, then you need to see how to make this carb rotation diet work for you via a proper easy and super quick system.

Therefore, I would suggest taking a look at my #1 recommendation for the internet’s best selling carb rotation program online here:

See for yourself how it can easily take you by the hand and make you lose weight VERY quickly…but more importantly, safely too.

Ultimately, what the carb rotation system does is to take your body through a system of switching your carbs around on predefined days, so as to somehow “trick” your body temporarily to keep wanting to burn fat instead of getting used to the changes and storing it.

You can trick your body by switching things up for one day and keep your metabolism and fat burning in high gear. Increase your carbohydrate intake to 80% of normal (this is 400 grams for the referenced 200 pound male). This increase will fool your body and keep your metabolism high while also providing you with much needed energy at this point.


Don’t forget to increase protein. During your reduced carbohydrates you will need additional protein to keep your body from using your muscles as fuel. Follow the schedule below for protein intake to avoid this problem.

If you decide NOT to use this new carb rotation system, make sure (at the very least) that you :

* Eat six meals a day (to keep metabolism at peak level)

* Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily

* Exercise daily

However, if you truly want to know how to lose weight very quickly then the carb rotation diet at is easily your best bet by far. I personally guarantee it.

The other options are to attempt the celebrity style bland endurance for a few weeks, or to simply go flat out at the gym whilst eating regular foods.

I know which I would prefer, don’t you?

Again, make sure you at least check out how easy it can be to lose weight very quickly, and more importantly safely too. Go and see for yourself right now at

Above all, good luck in your weight loss mission whatever you decide!

George asks…

Fastest way to lose fat on thigh and belly?

I know there’s no such thing as losing fat fast and that I have to be patient and exercise etc.
But what exercises should I really focus on to lose thigh fat and belly fat? If you have a workout plan, I would appreciate it if you tell me..And how many weeks until I see results?

AND I do eat healthy!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Best way to lose fat, is…

To be honest and true, there is only one way to lose body fat. And that is lose it over your ENTIRE body. You cannot “spot” treat any problem areas. Huge misconception.

Here’s how I would build a good workout program for you:

1. Do resitance training. Yes, lift weights.

2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

I would lift 3-4 times a week. Each workout you train with weights here is a good layout to keep in mind:

Upper Body:

Push (horizontal) Movement
Pull (horizontal) Movement
Push (vertical) Movement
Pull (vertical) Movement

Lower Body:
Quad Dominant (2 exercises)
Hip Dominant (2 exercises)

From here i’ll explain more in detail. You should perform supersets. A superset is simply doing one exercise and IMMEDIATELY going into another one, taking a rest, then repeating. I would pair a upper body and lower body exercise for your supersets. For example:

A1: Bench Press
A2: Squats
B1: DB Row
B2: Deadlifts

As you can see you would do A1 and A2, take a rest, then repeat multiple times. Then continue on to B1 and B2. As you can see I have paired a lower AND upper body in each superset. This will effectively burn fat much faster and is much of a more compound movement, allowing your ENTIRE body to work.

From here I will suggest interval training. Interval training can be customized to the way you want to do it. Here is how I do it:

2min jog, 1min full-sprint = 1 round

Repeat for 3-4 rounds. Do this on the days between lifting weights and you will be losing easily anywhere from 2-4lbs a week.

The best way to see results is to try and not look at your naked body in front of the mirror. If you can’t refuse to do this, take a picture from your “start” date and take one each week from then. You will constantly see changes in the pictures. Between 12-16 weeks, you should be able to see some great definition, if not, abs…

Chris asks…

Is it possible to lose weight despite family genes and your body type?

I’m 150 lb and I’m 16, my family members are mostly heavy set and mostly live sedentary lifestyles. I’m trying to break out of that. I haven’t always been big. When I was younger, I was reasonably sized up until 4th grade, then I started gaining weight. How do I get rid of it all, despite my genes? Can you defy your genes and lose a lot of weight despite how your family is, especially on both sides?
I’m also 5’1”
My community has a free pool as well

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes you can! I am 5’4, 120lbs. And am cursed with putting on weight easily but blessed with being able to take it off easily. I was a small child, an okay teen and then ballooned up to 200lbs when I got preganant. I worked hard and was back in my jeans in 3 months. Burning calories comes easier for me than most people…

With that said, my daughter, 14, has never been small. We called her a little power pack from the moment she was born. She got my husbands side of the family genes and being small/petite is never going to be an option for her. She just isn’t built that way. However, she has a kickin’ body. Curves in all the right places. But she has to defy the family gene pool as well. It takes more effort and more consious eating on her part. I could never get her body and she could never get mine… One is not better than the other.

You said you were smaller growing up… That’s your answer. You can be smaller again. (Don’t try to be what you’ve never been, even as a child.) Go for what you know your body is capable of. It will take more effort, cardio, weight training(muscle burns calories more effectively. No, you don’t have to look like a body builder:-) and diet (not a “diet” but watching what you eat and how much).

Start walking (swimming is excellent, but sometimes hard to follow through with. Put reasonable expectations on yourself)and watching what you eat. Just say no to certain foods… Corn dogs, etc. Pizza is a tough one! Enjoy dessert twice a week. I look forward to desserts and just watch what I eat that day so I can really enjoy dessert, guilt free. And ALWAYS drink water in between bites of your meals. Sounds dumb but it’s HUGE!

Remember that fat/carbs doesn’t nessesarily make you fat, calories do. What you take in you have to burn. Not to say you have to ride a bike until you’ve burned 1500 calories! We burn alot of calories through out the day. Just start with some form of exercise EVERY day… Even if it’s just a brisk walk around the block. Never let yourself off the hook… You can find 10 minutes! This is the new you, the one that works out every day (at least a walk). Doing nothing is no longer an option…

Remember, baby steps! Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. I really want to hear how you’re doing with this and if I can give any more info, let me know!

Good Luck… You can do this!

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