Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

If I’m dieting and exercising trying to lose weight and then I get pregnant, do I have to stop?

I know they advise against losing weight while pregnant, but if I’m overweight before I get pregnant and I’ve been dieting and exercising for several months before I get pregnant, do I have to change what I’m doing, or can I just keep doing it because my body is used to it?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You need to focus on a healthy diet of fresh whole foods to both lose weight and be in peak condition for a healthy pregnancy.
Avoid as much processed and refined foods as possible. I’m not a purist, cut back as much as you can.
Having been there it is really tough to maintain weight with the little ones around. It just seems better to eat that perfectly good food you just prepared for the kids that they didn’t touch.
That is how stay at homes load lots of extra calories.
Focus on fresh or whole high fiber foods and you will be golden.

Donna asks…

Is it possible to actually lose weight in the legs while pregnant? If you do a stair climber?

for at least a minute a day and stretching exercises for 20 reps on legs and then stretch arms out too, maybe you can actually lose weight in legs while pregnant?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I don’t think you can actually LOSE weight while pregnant… Perhaps you shouldn´t focus on losing weight, because chances are you will fail — It´s better if you focus on NOT gaining much weight.
And about your legs, it is very common for pregnant women to have some swelling in the legs.. It will go away once you give birth!
But it is definitely a good thing to exercise!

Robert asks…

im 29 weeks and realized ive gained way to much weight?

whats some good healthy ways to lose weight while pregnant? im officially starting to eat healthy. fruits vegetables no more fast food (my main craving has been double cheeseburgers and french fries from mcdonalds) ( i know very bad) anyways so what are some better things i could be doing. i know i cant do any hardcore workouts,but i figure i could go walking and eat healthy.

oh if u r wondering, i have gained 51 pounds and im 29 weeks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Im 32 1/2 weeks and Ive gained almost 50 pounds too. Despite it being unhealthy, Im just trying to indulge as much as I can now, because once he’s born its going to be hardcore dieting. Walking and eating healthy are great ideas though. Walking is pretty difficult for me though, I cant even walk around walmart without getting exhausted or lightheaded. But if I would of been healthy and walking the whole pregnancy it’d probably be a piece of cake. Try to enjoy your pregnancy and not worry too much about weight. Just do small changes, like cutting out fast food. Good luck!

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