Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Jenny asks…

Can i lose weight running a mile a day and only eating fruit and vegetables?

Don’t say to eat lean meats because I can’t cook that… im desperate to lose weight I’ve been eating 1000 calories a day and running and I haven’t lost weight. So will only eating fruit and veggies work?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The problem with your course of nutrition at present is you are eating fruit which is sugar. Yes, it’s natural and healthy sugar (like an avocado is natural and healthy fat) but it is still sugar. Your body needs not only fruits (in moderation) and vegetables (which you can have as many as you like) but it needs protein. If you cannot cook lean meats (is that for religious or cultural issues, or is this a lack of experience in cooking?), then you should take a look at working with tofu. Tofu and tofu dishes/recipes have come a long way and you have plenty of options.

When you deplete your body of certain proteins and carbs, your body goes into a “survival mode” and as you can read about in the second URL that I’ve included, it can be dangerous to your health. Improper dieting will not only burn through fat but muscle as well. Crash diets like the one you are on now will only hurt you.

Be careful.

Sandy asks…

How to lose weight for 14 year old girl?

How can I lose weight? I’m not over-weight or anything I just wanna lose like 10 pounds
So, how can I lose weight? is running an hour each day good? or do I need to do more?


weight loss cardiff answers:

Cut out junkfood.
Sodas, chips, cookies, etc.
Eat more healthy.
Exercise 30-1hr a day. Running is good by the way.

Linda asks…

How many calories should I have a day to lose weight?

Hi I’m 5’5″-5’6″ and I weigh 155 lbs. I was just wondering what my calorie intake should be to lose weight?
I run 20 minutes a day and do a little p90x.

My goal weight is 130-140 lbs.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You should track how many calories you burn and take in slightly less than that google calorie burned calculator to figure things out

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donald asks…

How do I lose thigh weight at home?

I live in a construction area, so I cant go out and run or jog at all. I don’t have access to a gym. And I don’t have a treadmill or an electronic bike. I don’t know how to lose thigh weight easily and fast. I want to lose some weight by August 20 (which is when I start school again) that’s in a month and 9 days to be exact. Can you help me? THANK YOU!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hmm I would suggest doing squats (not with weights) to tighten up your thighs to give it a more lean look. Take the 30 day squat challenge! I heard it works. And you won’t be
Able to make dramatic changes in a month sadly.

Donna asks…

Is it true that obese people tend to lose weight faster than people at a normal weight?

I have a friend who is 245 lbs and has been on a diet. She has been losing weighteasily” it seems because she doesn’t exercise–just eats healthier. I am 145 lbs and considered overweight for my height. I used to be 175 lbs and it seems like it’s getting harder to lose more weight that I need to.

Is it true that people that are obese (or just heavier) lose weight “easier & faster?”

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes, if a person needs to lose a lot of weight, it will happen easier and faster in the beginning. But as she gets closer to her goal weight, it will be the same as it is for you. It will get harder to lose. The last pounds are the hardest to lose.

Thomas asks…

How to lose weight really fast for teenagers?(10points who answer)?

I’m 14 years old and I wanna lose weight fast I’m really fat and I dunno what to do about I’m not able to control myself. And I’m even short (150cm). I want an easy way to help lose weight easily and fast. I weight 68.5 :(. It’s really making me sad !? Can someone give some good tips please ?! Help !!!???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Drink plenty of water. Cut out sugary, carbonated drinks. Carbonated means fizzy, in case you don’t know. Try to eat six small meals a day, instead of three big meals. Don’t cut out breakfast, it boosts your metabolism. When you eat meals, make sure you eat slowly, so your body realizes its full much faster. Never force yourself to puke. It’s a very dumb idea, and it ruins your body. Best of luck to you!

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