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Steven asks…

How much would a personal trainer/dietitian make in one year?

I’m thinking about going into personal training, and I thought that becoming a dietitian would also be a good idea to make more money. How much do you think I could make in a small city in Manitoba?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It depends on how many clients you have, your billable rate and how many certifications you have under your name.

Robert asks…

What steps do I take in order to become a Registered Dietitian?

I am a student attending Fort Valley State University and I aspire to be a Registered Dietitian. My major is Food and Nutrition, but what others steps do I need to take in order to see my goals met? Also what other career options do I have under this major?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Oh you’re definitely on the right track. FVSU is an accredited university that offers the DPD core courses for becoming a dietitian. Keep your grades up and study hard!

With accredited schools, you receive the DPD classes as part of your program. After finishing these classes, you can apply for an internship.

During the internship, it ranges from 6-12+ months. You do several rotations at different sites. They can range from 3 weeks at a place to a couple of months. It all depends on the school.

You normally spend time at a food management area (like the cafeteria of a hospital learning to manage diets for large amounts of people), at a public area (like a WIC clinic), and at specialty areas (like burn units of hospitals or cystic fibrosis areas).

After completing the internship, you study more for the exam. After the RD exam, you’re a registered dietitian.

With your major, you could do several things. A friend of mine is a teacher for middle school that has a creative cuisine class. Other friends are working in the food science area of nutrition, running labs, and doing research. People work for public health.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

Paul asks…

What college major category does a dietitian usually fall under?

Ive noticed that being a dietitian is not listed as its own major. Would it be somewhere around health?
Colleges in California

weight loss cardiff answers:

It would be health and nutrition, but you should speak with your counselor to find out what the core classes would be. Hope this has helped. Best of luck!

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