Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

baby boomer generation and fad diets?

the beginning history of fad diet

weight loss cardiff answers:

Fad diets have been around forever. Cereal actually started as a fad diet. Mr kellogg had a retreat home back in the day (1920’s) where he made ‘corn flakes’ for rich people willing to pay a pretty penny to be ‘healthy’. The 8 glasses of water a day myth? Started as a fad in the 1800’s by some crazy guy that said walking in stream each day would make you healthy. As long as people have time free to be curious about health as well as the money, fad diets are going to exist.

Susan asks…

how kan u be on a diet????

How kan u be on a diet witout using pills…..

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dieting has nothing to do with taking pills. A diet, in the general sense, is just what you eat. If you are trying to lose weight you just have to alter your diet so that you take in less calories. No pills needed.

Sandy asks…

the raw diet?

is the raw diet just another fad diet?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Its just another fad diet, and about the 20th ‘Answers’ question like it today alone! Look for yourself!!

No I haven’t tried it, I haven’t tried jumping off cliffs to check if it is fatal either. There is a mass of science based info out there, so why do so many people seem to go out there determined to find the quackery?

No it doesn’t work!

I have to admit I have a ‘stock’ answer for this question, since if you look it appears 20-30 times every day!!!

Type ‘guaranteed weight loss’ into google, you will find 1 1/2 million sites!

Look around you if ANY of these things worked would we be getting so overweight?

We are what we eat, but we are at least as much what we don’t do. Calorie intakes in 1900 and 1950 were higher than they are now, we just don’t use them up!

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg.

Take a healthy amount of exercise 30-40 minutes of vigorous exercise per day 4-5 days a week. I hate to think what percentage of the UK population does that 2%? 5%?

I have seen hundreds of questions with this same pattern :- I am fat, tell me where on line I can get this super diet or herbal/dangerous/illegal drug that I hear will fix it for me in 10 minutes without the need for me to get off the couch!

No fixes pal , less in more out, its the only way.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

is it healthy to lose this much weight in 3 days?

My roommate claims she’s supporting me with my diet.
I’m on a No Sweets/Dairy Diet (I am taking multi-vitamins, so don’t worry about me not getting calcium).
She is “following” the No Sweets part (yet she ate Cap’n Crunch the other day).

Anyways, I’ve lost 6.6 pounds in 3 weeks, which is ahead of my schedule [3 pounds in week 1; 2 pounds in week 2; 1.6 pounds in week 3= 6.6 total] and then she goes and brags about losing 4 pounds in 3 days.

Is it healthy to lose that much weight in 3 days?
She isn’t overweight.
In fact, she complains about being fat when she weighs over 129 pounds.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Remember that your bodys weight also consists of food in your body, clothes your wearing while weighing yourself, etc. So the day she weighed herself she could have been in sweats or, to be honest, hadn’t taken a poop in awile, then when she weighed herself been in lighter clothes and had an empty digestive system. I’ve gone from 115 to 109 in 2 days and hadn’t even been on a diet! So yes it is possible

Richard asks…

How can i lose weight in 3 days?

So im only 13 years old and i have this “important” thing i have to go to on saturday. and i wanna lose at least a few pounds by then. And yea i know i got go on a diet and drink water and exercise. ive tried all of that but ive GAINED weight instead of lost weight. Actually, ive been trying this whole diet thing combined with exercise but ive been getting no where. One day i weigh 139.8 and then the next i weigh 143.8. and that day was the day where i ate the healthiest foods and worked out the most. My BMI says im over weight and if i want a healthy weight i have to weigh 137 at the most. and my weight changes every 10-15 min. believe it or not. i weigh myself so much cuz i feel horrible about myself. WHAT DO I DO. I CANT HANDLE LOOKING LIKE A FATTY

weight loss cardiff answers:

Seriously wanna lose weight in 3 days? Then don’t eat. I know I’m gonna hear a lot of negative comments but its the easiest way to lose the most weight. BUT definitely dont go anorexic on me. Its ok to fast occasionally but if you start getting obsessive over it, Its time to find a healthier, more subtle way to lose weight.

Donna asks…

If I just drink my acai smoothies for 3 days, will I lose weight?

Plus exercise a LOT (running and aerobics class). I may eat a small portion for supper. But yeah, if I just drink those for my other meals, do you think I’d lose some weight?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Enjoy wasting your money on Acai smoothies.

Any weight lost will be the result of exercise and dieting, not the result of Acai.

Acai is just a regular berry like blueberries or rasberries. Unfortunately, some corporation though a great way to make money would be to stretch the truth and turn Acai into some sort of miracle product. Now everybody has been brainwashed into thinking Acai is this amazing product, when it’s just a freaking berry.

To lose fat:
1. DON’T BELIEVE THOSE FAD DIETS! DIET PILLS ARE GIMMICKS! Yes, Acai berries/pills/juice is a fad diet.
2. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! Unless you are 4ft tall, a 1,200 calorie a day diet is DANGEROUS and won’t work in the long run.
3. Calculate your BMR. Do a google search. A good calculator would ask for your age, height, weight, and activity level.
4. Eat healthy and eat about 500 calories a day less than your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight.
5. Eat 5-6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism up. Each meal should include fruits, veggies, water, and protein.
5. Drink at least 64oz (8 8oz glasses) of water a day. No soda (that includes diet soda).
6. Do light/moderate cardio 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Running and aerobics class are great.
7. Do some strength training to make sure you lose fat and not muscle. Don’t worry; you won’t look like the hulk if you lift weights.
8. You should lose about 1-2lbs (.45-.9kg) per week. If you lose more than that, chances are the rest is stool, water weight, or even muscle mass.
9. Weigh yourself only once a week at the same time (ie every Friday morning). Your weight fluctuates a lot during any 24hour period because of water and food intake and also bowel movements.
Be patient and be smart. If you follow this guideline you will be very happy with your results.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

Is there any easy diet recipe or diet plan?

I just found out that I’m weighing at 148, I’m 5’7, and I’m 18 years old. I like anybody else can’t really keep up to a diet recipe but I’d like to know if anyone can share some easy diet plans or exercises that actually show improvement . I’m really into the smoothie diets but if anyone can please help me out, id greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

The thing about weight loss is that it’s only productive if you live healthily. This means making lifestyle changes instead of going on fad diets. Why? Because as soon as you go off of the fad diet and revert to original lifestyle, you’ll gain the weight back.

It’s not that hard to eat healthy. Avoid sugary, fatty, processed foods. Fill up on veggies and a moderate amount of fruits. Eat lean meats.

Stay around 1500 calories daily. This will create a fairly large caloric deficit with just your normal day to day activities and you’ll notice natural weight loss.

Joseph asks…

What is the best website or book for a diet guide?

I’m looking for a guide on what to eat (diet) from Sunday to Saturday. I can’t find it, I can find diet food recipes. I don’t need that, I want a guide to tell me what to eat, yeah I know, I’m lazy to figure a diet plan. I’d figure someone came across in what I am looking for and can give me a link or book. Also in the guide, I guess a recipes included. Thanks in advance.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I found the book “The Eat Clean Diet Recharged” by Tosca Reno to be the most helpful. It’s not a fad diet. Instead, she tells how to use healthy nutrition to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. It’s easy to read and full of helpful information, tips, and ideas, as well as a few recipes. There are a few cookbooks that go along with clean eating too if you like the book.

John asks…

How to be in shape in 60 days?

I need healthy guidelines from those who tried out and succeeded

Give me easy yummy diet recipes
easy home exercises

Don’t want to lose my weight and look tired & pale
Nor lose my hair!!

I need effective tips with no side effects

Thanks for your time 🙂

160 cm – 63 Kgs

5.249 ft – 138.89 lbs

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you get any good answers, let me know. Best of luck to you!!!

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Your Questions About Weight Loss

Helen asks…


this is a dumb question but i just HAVE to know. are teens )ages 12-15) supposed to be on diets? i hear both sides, one thats its ok to be on a diet as long as you get enough nutrition, and others say you’re not because it’ll mess up your growth. all i wanna be is skinny but my mom says i dont need to lose weight (long long long story short, i was bulimic. i loss wieght but i wasnt really, just looked leaner and more toned) and so yes, are “growing bodies” alright to be on diets???

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can eat foods with lots of calories such as rice and chicken. Just eat 3 meals a day without snacks in between. My grandma makes food with lots of calories, but she doesn’t eat snacks. Therefore, she is THIN. If you follow my advice, you will be thin in no time!

Lisa asks…


Hey guys I’ve tried many diets— they just aren’t working for me. I need to lose at least 20 pounds… any good diets or tips?


weight loss cardiff answers:

Let me show you what worked for me. No long winded speeches, no fad diet nonsense here. Eat what you like. Just keep it to1200 calories a day (healthier is better obviously) and sweat and I mean SWEAT!! For 30-40 minutes a day 6-7 days a week (60 minutes if you can manage it). Remember the more you sweat the more you can add to your eating plan. Write down everything you eat with calorie content. This will give you an overall look at where you need to make changes. Don’t eat after 6 pm ever. Don’t cheat, you’re only fooling yourself and don’t skip workouts. You should be losing about between 2-3 pounds a week, which is a healthy rate without starving yourself…Good luck!

James asks…

What diets would you consider extreme and unhealthy?

I’m trying to do research about obesity and dieting habits in America. A lot of the diets I am seeing are pretty brutal. What are the craziest diets you have taken? Do you know anyone who has jeopardized their health from dieting? And what extremes have you gone to?

weight loss cardiff answers:

People that do only the one part of the master cleanse. I.e. Distilled water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper. When they do it for more than 3 days, it can be very unhealthy since your body isn’t getting minerals like sodium and potassium which are pretty much necessary for your heart to beat!!

I had a friend who did this for 10 days and he lost weight alright, he lost muscle!! He also had decreased brain function….

Robert asks…

What are some fad diets that actually work?

I really want to lose about 10-15 pounds in about a month or so. I’ve always wanted to try fad diets and decided that I think this might be the right time to do it so I can lose some belly fat before swimsuit season. Anyone have any diets that they think might work? Of course i’m also going to be exercising but need some tips on what to eat.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Fad diets don’t work on the long term, if they did, you’ll see them everywhere. High chances are that if you do lose 10 – 15 pounds in a month, you’ll likely gain it back very quickly. A regular diet is your best choice. Eating junk foods once in a while is fine, majority of the time you want to eat the foods you know you should be eating, in other words more cooking, less buying microwavable junk.

Nancy asks…

What are some fad diets that actually worked for you?

Diets that involve either packaged meals or ways to eat, like Nutrisystem. I want people to only speak from experience here. I know Nutrisystem seems great but the food like really disgusting and I would not eat it everyday. I don’t want to know about Weight Watchers either. I exericse regularly but I need a good eating pattern. Not looking to be told to eat plenty of vegetables and acai berries. Looking for input on fad meal planning diets. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hello, ok lets see if i can help you …my dad drinks this one thing called LINAZA every morning. It cleans your stomach , its great he has lost weight by drinking this and plus is great for your body.

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