Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mark asks…

What are the risks of losing weight while pregnant?

I’m overweight and losing weight. I’m not doing it on purpose. Actually I’m trying to eat more every day, but I keep losing a quarter pound a day. I’m not vomiting at all. I don’t know why this is happening and I can’t seem to stop it. What are the risks to the baby if I continue to lose weight?
I’m eating about 3x what I normally would eat before I got pregnant. More than double my husband.
Just wanted to let everyone know that my first trimester is almost over and I have stopped losing weight.
Even though I lost a few pounds, my belly is still growing outward and very round. In fact, it looks like I’ve gained weight.
Thanks so much for all of your advice and concern. I did check with a doctor and also went for a second opinion. Everything is fine since I’m a super healthy eater. They assume the weight loss is from all the sleep that I have been doing.
Thanks again everyone.

weight loss cardiff answers:

As long as you are not doing it on purpose, you are fine. Just make sure you are eating what you are supposed to be eating. I have lost and gained weight throughout my entire pregnancy. I once lost 9 lbs in just a few days. My doctor said as long as I’m drinking enough water and I’m eating what I’m supposed to be eating, the baby will be fine. Fetuses take what they need, even if it’s at the expense of the mother. So, basically, your baby is taking from you and that’s why you are losing the weight. Just bring it up at your next doctor’s appointment. But I wouldn’t worry about it.

George asks…

I lose almost 15 lbs in few months, and this month my preriod later for 2 weeks can I be pregnant?

My period late for almost 2 weeks now, and for last 3 months I lose almost 15 lbs. I had 2 hpt one last week and one this Thursday but both (-). Usually people gain weight while pregnant, can I be lose weight while pregnant?

weight loss cardiff answers:

That’s normal. You’ve changed your habits, and so has your body! It should come back soon. If not, go to your doctor. I doubt that will be necessary though. Don’t worry, happened to me when I lost a few pounds!

Good luck. πŸ™‚

Carol asks…

is it possible to lose weight while pregnant?

im tired of feeling fat and unattractive im only 2 1/2 months so i was wondering if its possible to lose weight while pregnant without hurting my baby.

weight loss cardiff answers:

It is possible but i think that would be a bad idea considering what ever you eat also has to go to the baby which has to grow healthy. You should ask you doctor before you consider trying to lose weight wile your pregnant. Or just wait to lose weight after you give birth.

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