Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

William asks…

Are their any diets that follow the food pyramid at least almost perfectly?

I am not fat. I am a skinny teenager who doesn’t want to become a fat adult. It has happened to a lot of people in my family and I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want to go on a hardcore diet I just think that maybe I am eating to much junk food because I am eating a lot. I still want to be able to get the sweets and other good foods I like so do you know any diets that might work for me.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Welll , if you dont want to change wht you eat ,
you could always use the method i use :
“breakfast like a king,lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper”

basically it means, have a big breakfast , a fairly decent sized lunch and just enough to curb your hunger for you can eat all your good foods during the day and you’ll have more time to burn them off.also more healthier as breakfast is meant to be the most important meal of the day and boosts your metabolism …

David asks…

Can anyone name diets that actually work?

I am exploring my dietary options. Does anyone know a way I should balance my food intake, how many calories a day i should consume, or just anything?
I’m wondering about life style changing diets, or quick diets. I just want to look healthy but right now, I am not happy. I really hate not being comfortable in my own skin, so all help is welcomed!
Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I haven’t tried my self but i’ve heard a lot about people who had! So it takes exactly 100 days and you loose about 10 kg or about 22 pounds! So you don’t have to lessen the amount you eat, you just have to control WHAT you eat:
1. Things not to eat:
*junk food of any sort
*NO fast food
*nothing with too much flour or sugar
2. Exercise!!!!- skip for thirty minutes every day and go on a jog around you neighborhood. Just get between an hour and two hours of exercise every day!
3. Don’t eat after six in the evening!!!!! Eating before you sleep is very bad.
4. Don’t go on a diet with someone you know!- if you go on a diet with someone else, it might seem smart cause you can “suffer” together, but you end up comparing yourself to them!
5. Do not weigh yourself until the hundredth day!!!- you end up slacking off if you loose you weight faster than you expected.
6. Follow the food guide for your diet!

Paul asks…

How do people on low carb diets prevent constipation?

It amazes me to think that some people do low carb diets and don’t get constipated?
How so?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The first 2 weeks when foods are limited you still eat a high fiber diet – just these 4 foods which should be eaten daily during induction, gives you 33.5grams of dietery fiber – well over the RDA of 25g & much higher than the Standard American Diet. After 2 weeks, you are allowed almost all nonstarchy vegs (less than 25g net carbs in week 3)

21g total carbs – 13g fiber – 8g net carbs – Lettuce, Romaine- 1 head
12g total carbs – 8g fiber – 4g net carbs – Celery – 4 cups chopped
6g total carbs – 4.5g fiber – 1.5g net carbs – half an avocado
8g total carbs – 8g fiber – .5g net carbs – Flaxseed 1 ounce 4T
47g total carbs – 33.5g fiber – 14g net carbs

* Dietary fiber RDA (recommended daily allowance) values are based on 25 grams of dietary fiber per day. It is generally recommended that adults eat 25 – 30 grams of dietary fiber per day.

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Your Questions About Weight Loss

John asks…

How can I lose weight without exercise for a few weeks?

I’m on crutches for a few weeks because of a torn muscle. I still need to lose some weight for wrestling, but i don’t know how without exercise. I know I need to cut down on some food, but what else?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Depending on how bad it is, aquatic aerobics. How serious are you for wrestling if your a senior and HAVE to do well for college scouts then call up a doctor. Just don’t take any of those BS pills. Also INSANE diet. Go organic and NO junk food at all.

Maria asks…

Can dietary fiber make you lose weight without exercise?

I dont exercise as much as I used to, let alone I have not in the past 5 days. Im taking about 20-24 grams of dietary fiber a day. I seem to be losing weight without much effort. Could it be that this is all I needed to lose weight? I know very well about vitamins, psychical fitness etc. A serious question, I hope this information will benefit others also whos bodies are just different.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I am a female getting at least 12.5 grams of soluble dietary fiber a day and yes I am losing weight too.

It seems amazing that fiber is so beneficial for good health. Have you noticed more energy yet? The supplement I’ve been using also combines 15 vitamins and minerals this is awesome. Best of luck to you on your continued weight loss.

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

Im trying to lose weight. My question is, is it possible to lose weight without exercise? I know if I eat healthier, like without breads,pasta,sugar,salt,things like that, i should really see weight lost. But, another problem is, is that at school they don’t really serve anything healthy. Only thing in the snack line is croissant sandwiches meals or salads. Most of the time the only thing left are croissant sandwiches because the salads are gone. In the croissant sandwich meals their are the croissant sandwich,orange,and baked doritos. Is that healthy enough?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try eating more veggies and less baked goods (breads/croissants). Definitely cut out the Doritos and replace with a small bag of carrots or something. Bring food from home if you have to. Eating healthy meals will make all the difference.

I would say bring 2 or 3 small bags of cut veggies to school with you as snacks. When you get hungry snack on these instead of chips.

Charles asks…

Is there a way to lose weight without exercise?

I’ve tried exercise videos, crunches, running,….but i never have enough time to keep in shape because of school and homework and stuff. I’m always too busy to put aside time to exercise. Is there a way I can lose weight without exercise?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Cut your calories down to 1200 or so. The general exercise from walking class to class and auto immune functions should burn off a little more than that a day.
If you wear ankle weights (you can get ’em at walmart) during the day, you can burn more. Note that this is pretty slow way of losing weight, but its better than nothing 🙂
oh. And try alli. It really helps. Make sure you read the warnings and recomendations for taking alli before you start it.
Good luck!

Joseph asks…

Best way to lose weight without exercise?

Before you all tell me that the only way to lose weight sensibly is to exercise I know it is. But I recently tore me acl so cardio activity is completely out of the question. I’ve tried eating a sensible diet of 3 set meals a day all of which are very sensible (morning:special k lunch:fruit salad dinner:pasta bake just as an example) and I’m still putting weight on because of the lack of exercise.What have people personally found the best way to lose weight quickly without exercise?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Cut caloric intake

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