Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Charles asks…

what’s a good healthy diet plan?

i was anorexic for a few months, not proud of it 🙁

but now i’ve gained all the weight back since recovering, and i want to go on a healthy diet and exercise plan

like organic life style, something like that

so my question is can i drink juices like celery and cucumber juice everyday in the morning? or its not good for my body?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Finding the best and the most suitable free diet plan for you is beneficial especially if you aim to stick to a healthy meal plan which can guide you in removing excess fats without having to spend anything. But during the process of choosing the best diet plan, you need to make sure that you pick the most varied, well-balanced and easy to follow option.

Here are just few of the best diet plans that you can try at home that don’t require you to spend money excessively:

1. Diet Plan with 3 Meals and 1-2 Snacks a Day. This meal plan often requires you to focus on getting around two to three servings of lean protein, three to five servings of healthy grains and 3 servings of calcium every day. Each of your 3 daily meals should also come with at least one vegetable or fruit. One of the many things that make this meal plan impressive is that it allows treating yourself to mini-splurges every once in a while. These include sipping a glass of wine, consuming creamy soup and eating a small cookie. Just make sure that you avoid doing all these treats on a single day.

2. Grapefruit Diet. Also referred to as the 3-day diet, the Grapefruit diet refers to a fad diet plan which involves the consumption of one-half part of a grapefruit when taking your meals to rapidly lose weight. Grapefruit is known as a citrus fruit packed with vitamins that promote fullness even with minimal calorie intake. The fruit is also recognized for its ability to burn calories and curb your appetite. Aside from eating grapefruits, this free diet plan also frequently includes taking black coffee, banana, toast and egg for breakfast, crackers, cottage cheese and black coffee for lunch and steamed vegetables, black coffee and tuna for dinner.

3. Low GI Diet. This free diet plan involves the use of glycemic index to take complete control of your blood sugar and reach your weight lose goals. Note, however, that the low GI diet does not necessarily mean sticking to meal plans that are really low in fats and calories. It usually requires you to select low GI and nutrient-dense foods including legumes, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. To obtain excellent results from this diet plan, consider consuming a minimum of 1200 calories every day. This is helpful in proper metabolic function.

You also need to ensure that most of your carb intake is composed of non-starchy vegetables, beans, whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal and fruits including pears, apples, berries and citrus. Among the foods to avoid when trying to stick to a low GI diet are foods that are high in sugar, fruits rich in natural sugars like tropical fruits and foods manufactured using refined white flour including bread and pasta.

4. Carb Free Diet. This free diet plan requires you to avoid eating foods that have high carbohydrate content like granola bars, breakfast cereals, baked goods, pasta, rice, fruits, yogurt, milk, starchy vegetables and sugary foods. It involves sticking to a meal plan which places great emphasis on consuming non-starchy vegetables and moderate amounts of protein-rich foods including fish, meat, poultry, cheese, eggs and sea foods. It also involves taking generous amounts of healthy fats from olive and coconut oil, cream, salad dressings, nuts, avocado, butter and mayonnaise. If you plan to follow the no-carb diet, then you should remember that healthy fats will serve as your body’s main source of fuel.

Donald asks…

i need a good diet plan please send me one thanks people?

help need a diet plan fast

weight loss cardiff answers:

I believe starting with a detoxification plan first before going into a diet is an excellent way to start off by losing quick pounds. I love this detoxification program:

If you can handle it you do the diet for 10 days. I lost 10 pounds in 4 days. If you buy the book it has the recipe along with tips from people who have tried it. This is a temporary fix (I could only follow it for about 3 days) but it got me on the track to a better diet.

You might try a simple detox – one of those pills you take that helps clean up your body first like these:

At GNC website search under detox – several products come up that you can try. These are less strict than the Master Cleanse.

For a good all around diet try this book:

Skinny B_tch. It’s a simple to understand right to the point book, no frills, no weird diet.


I really like this diet as it gives you a whole new way of thinking. I’ve lost 4 pounds on this diet in 3 days.

William asks…

Best diet pills or diet plan?

I am looking for the best diet pills out there for female. Prefer not to change my meals much and prefer no prescription needed. It diet plans that are easy and written out for visual. 🙂 please help.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Diet Pills- Don’t buy or waste your money. On average they cost between 20-60 dollars and it is basically money down the drain (I am sad to admit that I’ve spent about 40.00 total on diet pills in my life and if I could do it again, I wouldn’t, I’d be 40.00 richer today)

As for a diet plan- well I would give you a very detailed plan but I don’t know your height, weight, age and how much you’re looking to lose nor what foods you don’t like. But I will give you a basic overview and basic direction to where you should be headed.

PROTEINS: (animal products, dairy, legumes)
eggs, white boneless chicken breast (baked, grilled, boiled), oven roasted turkey breast (from the deli), low fat cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, Munster), baked salmon (seasoned with lemon and parsley), grilled salmon, chunk light tuna – drained in water, chunk light salmon- drained in water, baked flounder, baked Tilapia- nothing fried, hummus, garbanzo beans, red beans, black beans, natural peanut butter, unsalted peanuts, almonds, almond butter, Brazil nuts, cashews, Greek fat free yogurt, low fat milk, almond milk, soy milk, lean ground turkey or chicken beef, fat free cottage cheese

FRUITS/VEGGIES: all are good!

whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole wheat couscous, thin crackers, rice cakes, corn, sweet potatoes, squash, Spelt pretzels, unsalted pretzels, light air pop corn, baked veggie chips, oatmeal, Nature Valley granola bars, Kashi fruit and cereal bars, balance bars, Luna Bars, high fiber cereals (check sugar content always less than 12 grams per serving)

frozen yogurt, sorbet, dried fruit,weight watchers muffins, dark chocolate, homemade chocolate chip cookies- they’re more natural, organic Amy’s brand desserts

Make sure your exercise 1 hour 5 days a week

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandra asks…

Slimming world, diet plan, free foods, EE?

Hello World!

The fatty needs to go so I’m starting the Slimming world diet. I don’t live anywhere near a Slimming World club unfortunately so want to do all the dieting on my own as I’m really not a wizz with computers either so wouldn’t have a clue how to join and maintain the online group.

I was just wondering if anyone has a list of the free foods/syns book of even a copy of the books?
I really wanna get stuck in so need as much information as I can get!

Also looking for a website or something that I can do a personalized diet plan on?
Also when on the cross trainer any tips like drinking water 20 minutes before or do 20 minute blocks and a 5 minute rest of a warm down or something?

Share your experiences please! ;D x

Please help me ;D xxxxxxxxxxxxx

weight loss cardiff answers:

Best detox diet plan is choosing the diet plan that really suitable with you. It can be said that the same diet plan can have the different result for different people. Basically all kinds of diet plans are good to make healthy body. It is true but good diet plan cannot be the best diet plan for your bodyat the same time

David asks…

P90x results without the diet plan?

I’m a 16 year old guy but I’m using my sister’s account. My parents are not allowing me to follow the diet plan of P90x because they said I have to eat what they prepare. So what results can I expect, I eat pretty healthy food and fast food once a week because my parents buy me it and I cannot say no. My diet is made up of bread, meat, rice, dairy, and fruits. Also that occational fat food once a week. So what results can I see. I eat around 2500 caloies a day 125 pounds and 5’2″. I want to gain muscle mass and lower fat so will I see these results?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The diet plan IS a huge part of the program..but you will see some results if you eat healthy. That fast food is pretty killer once a week. Try to get a salad without dressing because the dressing they throw on there is pretty bad for you. Look online to try and find the best healthy items at these fast food places because often times the items that are billed as “healthy” have MORE calories because of the sauces they put on.

Check out eat this not that its a book about what is better to eat when you have to eat there.

Nancy asks…

One meal a day diet plan?

Surfing the net, i came over the one meal a day diet ( warrior diet) which is where you eat one big meal at night ( for the whole day). This apparently works? because you can’t eat as much as you eat for teh whole day and you just eat that one meal and u can sleep satisfied or something.
did anybody try out this diet? there are many success stories,but also there are a lot of ppl telling me to eat 6 meals a day blah blah blah, it’s detrimental to health.. etc

i really don’t know what to do. My goal is to lose 10 kg AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. i am willing to do anything for this. i don’t care HOW severe the diet plan is. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendatiosn? PLEASE HELP ME! i am really desperate. I have gained so much in such a little time from binging, and my pants don’t fit anymoerand i can’t buy new ones 🙁
please give me advice. One meal a day? 6 meals ad ay? what kind of diet plan? please help me and share your stories!! I am a body type where everything i go goes to my legs and thighs.. (seriously) on the top, i am bony but bottom is so… .. yeahh. anyways
and doing muscle work ( on my legs ) is good for weight loss right? ( and then doing like eliptical after?) what is the best workout machine?
i juts want to lose 10 kg asap and need advice on possibly anything. just help me.. please i am really desperate!
oh last question. would you recommend diet soda or vitamin water?

weight loss cardiff answers:

This diet plan won’t work. You will be starving all day, your metabolism will slow down and it’s not good to eat a huge diner. You should eat a big breakfast, a snack(fruit or veggie), a medium lunch, a fruit or veggie for afternoon snack and then a small diner. That’s the way that all people should lose weight, don’t try any type of diet that tells you to skip meals. You have to eat 5 or 6 meals a day to keep you full so you won’t bing.
You can lose 10kg if you try hard. Actually it’s not that hard. If you make the right choices and improve your habits you will succeed.
You don’t have to exercise a lot. 3 times a week for at least 30 min are enough. If you have an elliptical, you can jog or run or better -for me- go to the park to jog or run. It’s really relaxing…
You shouldn’t drink diet soda neither vitamin water. Prefer fresh vegetable or fruit juices and of course water!
Good luck!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

Any ideas for a healthy diet plan that works?

I am starting High school this year and I am really tired of being over weight. I need to lose a good amount of weight and I know I can’t do it over night. Everything I have tried hasn’t worked. Does anyone know a diet plan that works? I don’t necessarily want to change the way i am eating. I know I have to eat healthy but I don’t want to eat a cup of this and a handful of this. So if any one has a good diet plan that will work i would really appreciate it

weight loss cardiff answers:

Most diet plans work very well in the short term. The overwhelming majority of the participants who are on these diets will at some point stop the program and then regain about the same fat weight that they lost. My assumption is that you want to improve your health and start a lifestyle where you can maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

If this is your goal, there is only one diet program that has worked for me. It is called a “whole plant based diet.” On this diet, your health will improve and you will feel so much better that you will not consider eating any junk food again. When you stop eating a healthy diet, you can feel the fat, salt, and sugar and you will restart your diet program because you want to feel good.

Dr. David Kessler (former head of the FDA) wrote about how salt, sugar, caffeine, and oil/fat are addictive foods. His advice is to break your addiction to processed foods. Convenience foods, fast foods, and even restaurant foods are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. When you stop eating unhealthy foods, many Americans experience withdrawal symptoms that they assume are hypoglycemic reactions or hunger. The symptoms are withdrawal from unhealthy food additives. When you start cleaning up your diet, you will experience headache, stomach ache, nervousness, irritability, and other symptoms associated with addiction. This will pass in 2-4 days and you will begin to feel better than you can remember.

Here is a list of foods you need to minimize or eliminate from your diet:

+ Refined salt and salty condiments
+ Sugar and refined carbohydrates, breads and commercial pasta
+ Deep fried foods, oils, including vegetable oils
+ Dairy including cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, margarine, and eggs
+ Meat including beef, pork, fish, poultry, and other animal based proteins
+ Food additives including colorings, flavorings, MSG, sweeteners, and
+ Commercial drinks, especially diet soda containing aspartame

You can eat a more balanced and diverse diet on a mostly vegetarian diet that includes the following:
+ Dark leafy greens (kale, collards, chard, brocolli)
+ Legumes (beans, lentils, peas)
+ Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa)
+ Colorful vegetables that are steamed and raw
+ Whole fruit (not commercial fruit juices with additives)
+ B12 and D vitamins
+ A source of Omega-3 fatty acids (ground flax seed, walnuts, other seeds and nuts in moderation)

You can eliminate most oils provided you get a source of Omega-3. Try to eat a variety of different foods rather than the same menu every day. This will add variety and interest to your diet.

Mandy asks…

What is the best diet plan for a 22 yr old woman?

Hello all. I currently weigh 176 lbs and would like to loose 30 lbs. I REALLY dislike salad but I love all kinds of cooked vegetables. What is the best diet plan for me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi! Diet is not all about salads, I hate them too, believe me.

Diets have come and gone and a new one will be invented tomorrow promising you everything and delivering very little. That is because they are considered something you go on and then go off. In other words, they are temporary. That is not to say they are useless just that they will never give you continued success unless you change some things permanently.

What is a Diet Good for?

Diets have their place in your weight loss goals. First of all, they can be beneficial to jump starting your metabolism. Kind of a fire starter if you will. A jump-start will give you more energy and the initial weight loss can boost your self-confidence.

However, you will need to be ready to make some whole life changes if you want the results to be permanent. What are some changes you will need to make? Well a lot of that depends on you.

Lifestyle Changes- Fast Food

Are you a fast food junkie who eats out at least a couple of times per week? If so, you will find that you have plenty of company. Many people are so busy that the drive through is a perfect solution for dinner, lunch and even breakfast. The problem is many have no idea that one meal from a fast food restaurant can contain nearly a whole day’s caloric intake.

One popular fast food joint has a burger that is 750 calories! The burger alone is a third of your recommended daily allowance; add the fries and a drink and you are done for the day.

Does this mean you can never have fast food again? Not necessarily, but it will mean that you have to be aware of what you are eating. Most fast food places have a website that contains all the nutritional information for the foods they serve. Check them out then make you a list of “safe” fast foods.

Exercise Changes

If you never move your body more than from the house to the car to work and back you will have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. The human body functions best when there are periods of exercise. It increases mood stabilizers in the blood stream and best of all burns calories.

While you are on your diet, take the time to incorporate exercise into your life. You will feel better and increase your weight loss rates exponentially. Start with a walk, park further away from the store or your office. Then as you progress, find time to walk more or jog. Whatever you can comfortably fit in your schedule will be a great place to start.

Healthy Eating

This is absolutely the most important part of all. While you are on your chosen diet, you will want to become familiar with healthier food choices. Find ways to make your favorite foods better for you. Can you substitute ground turkey for ground beef in some recipes? Learn new recipes that include fresh fruits and vegetables.

You see your body needs several things to function at a healthy level. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals just to name a few. You also need certain fats to cushion joints and protect your vital organs. Create a lifestyle eating plan that brings all of these elements into play and you will feel amazing and best of all you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Check my source, it might help. Good luck!

Richard asks…

Best weight loss diet plan?

I am a 26 year old women and i have been gaining more and more weight throughout the past 7 years.(Granted i have been eating out alot) but i want to stop doing that and get on a regular excersise plan and a diet plan.I am a really lazy person when it comes to excersisin, but i really want to get healthy for my 4 year old daughter. so if anyone has any ideas for that, it would help out alot.I just want to know what kind of foods to eat what not to eat what kinds of excersises i should do. My fat is in my belly thighs and arms. I weigh about 180 and 5″5 I want to get back down to about 140 by end of february beginging of march.So please if anyone has any ideas for me i would really appreciate it.Ant other questions you can email at you so much.Any ideas what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

weight loss cardiff answers:

May be this plan helps you
1. Balanced vegetarian diet

It consists of fruits, vegetables and foods that originate from plants.
Recent studies show that a vegetarian diet has a 30% lower risk of heart related diseases.
There are different vegetarian diets ranging from strictest to the lenient.
– Vegan diet foods
Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains

– diet foods

Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt

– Locative-vegetarian diet foods

Eggs only

– Felicitation diet foods

Occasional consumption of fish, poultry and meat.

Since there are allegations about vegetarian diet that it has nutritional deficiency, here are the nutritional guidelines so that you will know what vegetables are good to eat.

– Iron (important in the transport of oxygen to the lungs and to the different parts of the body)

Spinach, beans, wheat, tofu, lentils, broccoli, black eye beans, potatoes.

– Calcium (responsible for bone strength)

Alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, bamboo shoots, soy milk, soy nuts, so ya beans, pickled, broccoli, mustard greens, and fortified juices.

– Vitamin B12 (it also boosts up energy aids in the production of red blood cells)

Beetroot, cabbage, Brussels sprouts.

2. Low fat diet

Fat has always been the number reason why obesity is increasing significantly these days. As such, there are many available options to choose on a low-fat diet.

Use low-fat oils (olive oil, canola oil) for cooking.
Use non-sticky pan that has been cleansed thoroughly after a deep frying session to prevent too much oil on food.
Make sure you have fresh vegetables in your diet and avoid canned goods, which are usually preserved in salt.
Eat a lot of legumes like kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, black-eyes beans and others.
Make sure that the pasta that you are buying is made from whole wheat.
Avoid salad dressings like mayonnaise and thousand island sauce, instead, opt for Worchester sauce or so ya sauce for garnishing and flavor.
Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. The South Beach Diet
One of the top 5 weight loss diet plans in the country today.
It never allows starvation and deprivation of foods.
It is divided into ‘three phases’.
– Phase 1
It lasts for about 14 days. This is the strictest phase as there’s a strict regulation on what to consume. Carbohydrates are avoided and poultry products, fish, turkey, shellfish that usually eaten with vegetables, nuts, eggs and cheese are to be eaten but in moderation. Coffee and tea is allowed but taken in moderation.

– Phase 2

This phase is much easier than the first. It will last until the desired weight is achieved. The carbohydrates rich foods that were removed from the diet are reintroduced. You can eat brown rice and whole wheat bread but not a white bread.

– Phase 3

This is the phase where your body is already adjusted to start of a way of life that you will have to adopt for a lifetime.

4. The Cabbage Soup diet

It is one of the seven days that weight loss diet plans is aiming at weight loss in a short span of time.
The diet requires consuming cabbage soup for seven days with every meal of the day.
Day 1: Cabbage soup and fruits (unlimited quantity and any fruit except for bananas)
Day 2: Cabbage soup and vegetables. A baked potato with butter for dinner is allowed.

Day 3: Cabbage soup and a combination of fruits and vegetables (except for bananas and potatoes)

Day 4: Cabbage soup, bananas and skimmed milk (maximum of 8 bananas to be consumed through the day)

Day 5: Cabbage soup and 350-500 grams beef with 6 slices of tomatoes.

Day 6: Cabbage soup, beef and vegetables (except potatoes)

Day 7: Cabbage soup, brown rice, vegetables (except potatoes) and fresh fruit juice.

5. What is the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food diet allows you to consume any kind of raw food.
Raw food includes fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruit juices, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains.
Some processing of raw foods can also be done such as blending, crushing, sprouting, soaking and juicing, provided that you will not be adding dairy products or sugar on it.
Boiling of raw foods cannot be done.
6. Zone diet plan
The Zone diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, fat-controlled eating plan.
This is unlike most high-protein diets as it allows you to have a broader range of foods to be taken.
This diet believes that a human body reaches its efficiency when the body is consuming all meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As such, the body will work within the zone full of energy causing weight loss.
Protein tends to make you feel full and thus helping you to avoid eating in between meals.
7. Cookie Diet plan
The cookie is made with fiber, protein, and other ingredients intended to keep you full.
Eat 4-6 cookies a day will give you somewhere around 500 calories.
Your dinner may consist of lean protein and vegetables.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

18in4 diet plan?

Can someone please kindly assist and mail me the diet plan. I can’t afford to buy the book. If someone has it please kindly mail me. I know it is not a balanced diet but it is better than water fasting coz looking at what the scale says thats where I am heading, yes water fasting. I just urgently need a quickie diet to jumpstart.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I don’t know about the 18 in 4 diet plan, but:

Try the Souper Soup Diet (a version of the Cabbage Soup Diet) at You can sign up to receive the diet for free & they will also email you diet tips Tu-F each week. This diet really works…I have used it several times; especially when I wanted to lose fast. In fact, I’m on it now and have lost 12 lbs since last Monday.


Try the Fiber One Diet:
1 bowl of Fiber One cereal 3 x day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with skim milk (I use fat free Lactaid)
1 tv dinner (400 calories or less) for dinner
Drink 64 ozs water (drink plenty water or the fiber will constipate you)
Exercise 30 minutes each day
Note: This diet keeps you very regular (bms)


John asks…

Help!! What Should i do!? Diet Plan?

well i need some advice for a diet Plan. im 15 years old 5’11 tall (Pretty Tall) and i weigh 212 lbs.
well my plan is to lose 30-40 pounds by next august (1 year +) and i was wondering any tips or suggestion rite now my plan is a strict water diet and salad diet no more soda candy etc.Will that help me? and by tha way i got asthma Since i was a babyy so running may be difficult for me at times…
So can ab crunches help lose belly fat and can dieting help lose fat in the legs arms face etc??

weight loss cardiff answers:

You have a reasonable plan so far as time and weight loss are concerned but the diet is not so good. If you can do so,consult with your family health care provider about diet. If not..well, you need protein in your diet and a certain amount of carbohydrates as well as a little healthy fat because you do not only want to get thinner, but to stay healthy while you do it.

Baked beans, peanuts ( a small handful of them a day), turkey, fish and chicken are all good sources of protein that should fit into your diet. The fish can be canned, frozen or fresh as you prefer but fresh is best and you should not eat more than one small tin of tuna..or the same weight fresh, per week.

Dry fry food in a good non-stick frying pan, or if you need a little oil then make sure it is a little..half a teaspoon in the bottom of the pan. No sausages or fast foods,soda or candy..if you like these things then it is easier to give them up than to try to limit yourself to tiny quantities of them as treats. One of my favourite substitutes for chinese, when other people in the house are ordering out, is a dish of white or basmatti rice with prawns or shrimps and a good helping of thawed frozen peas..warm the prawns and peas up gently, they are already cooked, and then stir them into the rice with a splash of soy sauce to is delicious, easy and fat free…besides having good amounts of carbs, fibre and protein in it.

You will find that the longer you go without eating sweet food, the less you enjoy the taste of sugary things.

Mushrooms and beansprouts, kiwi fruit and pomegranates are all exceptionally good for you, peas are close and raw cabbage and a coleslaw with low caloried dressing perhaps..are good for asthmatics..which, by the way, citrus fruits are not.

There is no way of dieting for one particular area of the body but the Tony Little “Gazelle” can work wanders on your stomach, hips and thighs in just fifteen minutes a day..which you work up to..and with very little strain or effort. You can often get one second hand for a good price on Ebay or elsewhere and if you have no problems with your back or is the gentlest way I know of for taking off the inches even if you do not go at it like a maniac. You can use it at a gentle swinging pace and still benefit so there is no need to get breathless.

Swimming is the best overall exercise anyone can do, so if you can and do swim then try to spend a routine amount of time in the water a routine number of times a week. Again, no need to break any allowing yourself more than a year to reach your target weight you have given yourself the best chance of doing so and of keeping the weight off which most dieters do not achieve because they have not actually changed their daily routines over the long term but only modified them radically for a short time.

So..a little more variety than just salads..and if you get hungry between meals, have a cup of soup, and if you get desperate for some candy then make it sugar free gum or mints. Take care and the best of luck.

P.s. Ab crunches..great for building muscle, but once you have converted fat into muscle it is much harder to lose.

Robert asks…

diet help detox or simple diet plan?

iv bin trying to lose weight for months and going the gym four times a week,and i just keep falling off the waggon, i just need a diet that is really simple and easy to follow with easy meals that will make it easy to stick to please help!!!! i really want to lose weight been trying to shift 1-2 stone for nearly 3 years please explain in full a diet plan to follow.
i am 5 foot and weigh 136lbs which is 9stone 10lbs
i hate it

weight loss cardiff answers:

I don’t have a diet plan, just a few suggestions that might help along the way.

To divide it into two can I separate [A] “good diet” and [B] “eating what is not good”. One of these must overcome the other, but not as a battle. You clearly want [A] and rid of [B]. And it is very hard, isn’t it?

I don’t have a weight problem, but found out I had hypoglycemia, so no surprise a complete chocolate head [or cream, biscuits, etc]. So, [B] was winning at that point. Now, I’m happy to say, [A] is winning.

Cook your own foods. As in “from scratch”. Not absoluteley everything, but make your own bread, batch-cook chillis or curries – crammed with different veggies, low meat content – and portion & freeze them, etc. Make it darn tasty too, so you can’t wait to eat it! These things aren’t fattening if they’re not made fattening. This is a way of REALLY taking control of your own diet.

Buy a rice cooker and some good rice. Rice in your diet is a good thing, gets rid of toxins too. Once you find a rice you love shop around for 5kg or 10kg bags and save loads of money.

Best wishes!

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