Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

Vegetarian Diet Foods?

I do not like beans…and I eat a lot of foods from Morning Star in the frozen food section. Highly recommended for all of you vegetarians, ex. bacon, chicken, hamburgers. I do NOT avoid eating meat because I feel its against animals, mostly because eating meats, etc. make me feel like i need to throw up, disgusted, grossed out when I do.
Favorite thing to put on tofu?
Favorite protein bar/drink?
Favorite brand of vegetarian foods?
Any website suggestions I should check out?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Are you asking for diet foods, diet tips, or our favorite things? I’m pretty confused.

To lose weight, it doesn’t matter what you eat. I lost 45 pounds in three months last year eating mainly Morningstar Farm products. The key is to eat less, move more. Eat the majority of your calories earlier in the day. Eat like a king in the morning, a queen in the afternoon, and a peasant in the evening. Avoid sodas and junk foods. Keep your caloric intake at or above 1400 to prevent your body from going into starvation mode.

As far as diet foods, you’re on your own there. I don’t do low-fat this, low-sodium that, etc. I eat real, whole foods now.

My favorite thing to put on tofu would be vegetables. Stir-fry it with vegetables and it’s good. I don’t eat tofu anymore though–May not have had anything to do with it, but after eating it quite frequently, my cycles became totally off the wall.

I don’t have a favorite protein bar/drink. Nor do I have a favorite brand of vegetarian food anymore, though a few months ago I would’ve had to have said Morningstar.

Websites, I say check out , , and , to name a few.

David asks…

Diet Foods?!?

I need answers quick please
im going on a diet starting tomorrow
i have my excirising part down, like running and everything
and now i need the foods

could you tell me what kind of foods i can eat to stay healthy but/and stay on my diet

and i promise nooo crash diets.

please and thank you!!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dieting tips

Many people find that eating a couple of small snacks throughout the day helps them to make healthy choices at meals.

A fattening breakfastof bacon and eggs or a pastry can be replaced with yogurt, oatmeal, high-fiber,low-sugar cereals; or fresh fruit or fruit smoothies.

Look for healthy, delicious meals online or in your cookbooks, and create amenu for the week.

Make sure that your meal plan reduces your totalcalorie intake: you’re not going to lose weight if you consume thesame amount of calories by eating different foods.

Make a list ofwhat you’ll need for these meals, and — except for a few snacks,of course — don’t stray from your list when you get to the market.

Exercise moderately

Relax, release your stress

Don’t take crash diet

For more lose weight resources visit:

Lizzie asks…

Raw food diet questions – eat anything raw?

After doing some reading and research about my Rheumatoid arthritis and a few other health problems, I found that a raw food diet is most recommended. (Lots of raw veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, etc.) But does that mean I eat potatoes raw? String beans? Green peas? Who on here follows a “raw food” diet? What do you eat and how?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The raw food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweed.

Heating food above 116 degrees F is believed to destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and “life force” of food.

Typically, at least 75% of the diet must be living or raw.

You can heat things up and “cook” them but they have to be in in temperature under 116 degrees F.

There are some really good Raw Foods cookbooks available. I would suggest looking at them and finding the ones that interest you.

Good luck.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandra asks…

How to lose 15 pounds? What are some diet foods?

I’m 5’0. I really wanna lose weight. At least to be in the 90’s. And Im 110. Please help me and tell me everything I have to do in order to lose weight. My goal for now is to lose 15 pounds. When will it take me to lose all that weight. What should I eat. Is there any diet foods out there I can really eat that will help me? What type of excercises do I do? Tell me a lot and lots of details! Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

For weight loss, cardio (running, walking, biking, swimming, etc) are awesome. But even with cardio you need to do some strangth training (the stronger your muscles, the more fat they can burn). If you have a phone you can d/l apps on, many have daily workouts which are a good place to start. If not, talk to a friend who knows a bit about fitness or even a trainer.
As far as diet, veggies are probably your best friend. An easy way to start is simple: stop eating processed food, soda, and anything that drips grease. Drinking lots of water will help you as well.
I know it sounds cliche, but you really should talk to a doctor or at least a certified trainer before you begin a diet/exercise program. Some people can have health conditions which should be addressed before diet and exercise are to be considered. Good luck!

William asks…

Is there a good cat diet food?

My cat is extremely fat. I want to help her lose some weight, but she doesn’t like the diet food. Is there a cat diet food on the market that your cat likes?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Wellness Weight Management. My cat lost about 5lbs on it, and he’s a neutered 11 year old tabby, so it’s not like he was very active or willing to lose the weight.

Ruth asks…

What are some good, lowfat diet foods?

I want to go on a diet. What are some good diet foods I can eat to lose some pounds? Please add the calories of the food specified, if you know. Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

When it comes to diet foods, there is a lot of personal taste and opinion that comes into the picture. What is a favorite diet food for one person is a no go area for another. A food that can be an important part of a weight loss diet for one dieter may not fit in to the diet of another dieter.

You are probably aware of the recent popularity of low carbohydrate diets, but most doctors seem to agree that you do need a healthy portion of carbohydrates each day, something like 50-60% of your calorie intake. So, instead of cutting out carbohydrates, you should be aiming to keeping them to a sensible proportion of your diet. Example of that would be whole grain bread.

~some foods, like the folowing, are great for diet~
Pink Grapefruit
Olive Oil*-cook with this insted of butter-*

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

John asks…

What is a good recipe for homemade dogfood for overweight dogs?

I have two dogs that are overweight. I feed them Weight Management dry food but they are used to having canned food mixed with this. Does anyone know of a good diet recipe for dogs?

weight loss cardiff answers:


You don’t have to switch to a “lite” food, but you might want to since it means you won’t have to cut back quite as much on the amount you feed your dog. (Hey, if it was easy for us to deny our dogs we wouldn’t be in this fix in the first place.) Regardless, he’ll be eating less, so help him feel satisfied by adding low-calorie, high-fiber foods to his bowl.
Here are some guidelines:

hope this helps.

Susan asks…

Is this really bad cheating on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet?

I made a south beach diet recipe, Egg Muffins. But i have little money to splurge on some low fat/ non fat items. So I used a tablespoon 2 percent milk, and a tiny bit of Medium Cheddar cheese shredded and diced onions.
Should I throw out the rest of the muffins? Or is this a tiny cheat I shouldn’t worry about and move on?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I hate to be petty but bad apples spoil my opinion – that is, you may be ok cheating a little, but so many people dress up what they consider an acceptable cheat – a girl I saw on TV was on atkins but kept eating fruit saying “well whoever said that fruit makes you fat, I dont care what they say” – when it was a STUPI STUPID idea since it interupts ketosis (the process of using fat as a primary fuel source since carbs/sugars are unavoidable.

So, with the above rant in mind, if you do not do what they say, do not say “I am on the south beach diet”, you are not, you are on a broken version of it, that may, or may not, work.

So – I know this answer may make you roll your eyes and say “err, answer the question” but my point is, stuff impacts more than people know, the diets are designed with will power in mind, but they are also designed with carb/fat/protein in levels in mind – regularly altering these even slightly will likely have effects on the diet. So with that considered, I would throw away the muffins 🙁

Steven asks…

What are some tasty diet foods and recipes?

I am on a diet I am getting married in a year and a half I want to lose 40 lbs what are some good diet foods, recipes, snacks, etc? Should I have 3 meals a day or 5? I have heard so many different answers.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi Julia, there are so many types of diets you can choose from but my girlfriend tried a diet that she got on Amazon, it’s all about the RIGHT water consumption and what food to eat. The author is a nutritionist so It’s very informational and my gf lost lots of pounds and still continues to take this diet till now. You may want to try it too! Try to search it on Amazon, the book’s title is “Drowning in 8 Glasses: 7 Myths about Water Revealed”

Hope I helped 🙂

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mark asks…

what are some diet foods that fill you up?

i like to snack because i cant find diet foods that fill me up and my snacks arent healthy, anyone have healthy diet foods that fill you up, some snakcs maybe.
is oatmeal good for you cuz it definetly fills me up?

weight loss cardiff answers:

My favorite snacks are fiber one bars, they are realllyyy good and filling. Plus they’re healthy because of the fiber 🙂

Nancy asks…

What are some healthy foods and meals for when you’re on a diet?

I have been on a diet for a little over 2 months and I have been eating a lot of the same foods because I don’t know a lot of good diet foods/meals.
can you please give me a list of foods that will be healthy for someone trying to lose weight?
(besides the obvious…fruits..veg…salads)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Me and my husband have lost 42 lbs between the 2 of us already. I am using the menus and recipes from this site:

Susan asks…

What are some good diet foods that u can eat for luch dinner and breakfast?

Im Gaining alot of weight and I wanna go on a diet but i dont wanna fully cut off food.
I heard of the Jenny Creig diet but i dont wanna Buy pills and Jenny Creig and Stuff
So im wondering if there are any diet recipes or websites…

weight loss cardiff answers:

South Beach Diet Book and Cookbook has some good diet recipies.

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