Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sharon asks…

Do you think becoming a dietitian will be a good career?

I am thinking about becoming a dietitian, but I’m not sure if it will be a good career for me. I just want to know if anyone else is becoming a dietitian or is a dietitian and if they like it or not.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes, it is a good career. Doctors often use dietitians to help their patients develop an ideal diet. This is very important in the age of obesity. The pay is fine, you won’t run out of clientele, and you have the personal reward of helping people.

Joseph asks…

What are some good colleges in Chicago to become a dietitian?

I want to move to a bigger city and transfer schools. Are there any good schools in chicago for a dietitian?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Loyola School of Nursing, Niehoff I think the name is, Has a dietitian program both bachelors and masters.
I would check with the American Dietetic Association
They are HQ in Chicago and have referral and intern services.
There are a lot of off the wall holistic or weird specialty schools around. They have agendas and your degree would mean noting.

Helen asks…

I want to become a dietitian. What should I major in for my undergrad degree?

Also, briefly outline the education internships, exams and additional things I will have to do to become a registered dietitian.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Usually Nutrition/Nutrition Science is the major and bachelors degree that is most highly associated with becoming a dietitian.

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