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Robert asks…

What is a good name for a weight loss blog on Tumblr?

I just started a weight loss blog, hoping I can connect with people going through the same struggles as me. I can’t think of a URL. Any suggestions?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You want to know a good weight loss blog. I know a blog of weight loss. It is good . You will get ideas, tips and information from here for weight loss. This may help you.

Carol asks…

If I was to start a weight loss blog how many people would follow it?

After having 2 kids I am struggling to get past my pre baby weight and down a dress size or 2. I need more motivation and feel that a weight loss blog would be a good idea so then people can see what I am doing etc.
Are there any sites like that out there now?

Thanks alot =)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Whatever gets you moving. I’m not sure about other weight loss blogs….
To help peak the interest of others i suggest doing a daily photo thing, like the one in youtube where he took a photo of himself for 30 something years.

I assume you know this but beware internet people can be cruel

Thomas asks…

What is a clever name for a weight loss blog?

I am planning to begin to lose weight and I want to start a blog about my weight loss, the struggles, post pictures, write about what I have learned as I go and other stuff about my personal journey to find the skinnier me. Any suggestions for a snappy, catchy blog title?

weight loss cardiff answers:

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