Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

How to lose weight, look skinny and get fit?

Here’s basic info about my body :
I wont reveal my age but I’m at high school, I weigh 52kg now and i’m 5’1.

Here’s what I need help for :
– how can i loose weight
——-> I need help on what to eat / drink daily from morning to night. I dont eat nuts nor granola, and I’m not a fan of milk unless they’re chocolate milk. I know I’m being picky but I really dont like them a lot.
– how can i get fit?
——-> I’ve done a 20 day workout challenge which isn’t extreme and I’m trying to workout more everyday. I have belly fats, my thighs are gigantic and my arms are full of fats which makes me look fatter than I already am.
– how do I look skinny?
——–> I need help on what to wear to look skinny while I’m loosing weight. I basically look fat in everything I wear.

Thanks for helping ! It’s gonna be Chinese New Years at where I live and I really wanna get fit and lose weight in 2 weeks and hopefully when i return to school, I wont look ‘fat’. Thanksss ! <3

weight loss cardiff answers:

The answer to doing this is just eating healthy and exercising (unless you want to get on one of those diet pills but I prefer to do it the natural way) Always remember YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE, as in you can’t lose fat in just one place. Do more cardio and you’ll lose fat all over.

I didn’t drink milk either but then I started drinking soy milk and I absolutely love it. Give it a try.

Switch things up every day: if you run today, dance tomorrow, it will help you from getting a plateau and those just suck to get over.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Pop Pilates. Just look it up on Youtube. The instructors name is Cassey Ho, or you can just go to her channel blogilates. I started doing her pilates videos last year and I have seen such a HUGE difference in my body. Cassey also explains a lot about being healthy and choosing the right foods to eat. She has regular pilates videos and then a bunch of cardio videos.

Also what you should do is lift weights. It seriously is going to help you lose weight and you’ll become stronger. If you think you’re going to look too buff, you’re not. You’d have to lift weights for hours every day to start looking like those woman who look extremely muscular, and that’s what they do for a living.

Also, I don’t know if you have a Pinterest/Tumblr but if you have Pinterest start a new board with just all fitness quotes. Make an all fitness Tumblr. Seeing all the motivational quotes and other people trying to lose weight will really help and motivate you. Or you can just get a big poster board and either draw or print out pictures/quotes that will motivate you. I don’t know if this will help much but I don’t weigh myself. In the end you really want to lose that FAT. Try to measure yourself or just go by how your clothes feel and if they’re getting looser. As for your clothes, just wear what you feel comfortable in. If you don’t think that shirt looks good then don’t wear it. As long as you’re comfortable.

I know it sucks trying to lose weight, but don’t give up. You will see change, just keep at it. Good luck! If you need anymore help you can ask πŸ™‚

Betty asks…

How do I lose weight in 2 weeks?

I’m a girl of 14 and I am going on holiday in 2 weeks. I really want to lose a bit of weight so i can wear my dresses. I mainly want to lose weight around my thigh and stomach area. Any good tips to do this? Please help!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat many fruits and vegetables,chicken breast,fish,eggs,smoothies.
Cut out white bread,white rice,fast food,deep fried food,sweets(you can eat chocolate in moderation though),sugar,soda.
Run,go on long walks,swim,do squats(does wonders for your thighs and asss),jumping jacks,sit ups,run on the stairs(if you have a stadium nearby it would be great),maybe go to the gym.

In 2 weeks you can’t loose more than 5 lbs in a healthy way(1-2 lbs a week is recommended).


Good luck,girl ! πŸ™‚

Ruth asks…

what is the fastest way to lose weight ?

πŸ˜₯ Hi my name is Sura and I am 15 years old 5’0 and I weigh 133 pounds. I hate myself from head to toe. my mother is a gorgous skinny woman as are the rest of my family and I am the ugly fat outcast. I need advice on how I can lose weight in 2 weeks. I dont care how unhealthy it is how much pain ill be in as long as I can lose at least 15- to 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Please anyone tell me what I can do. I will do ANYTHING. πŸ˜₯

weight loss cardiff answers:

Quit crying. Haven’t you heard the golden rule that if the mother is hot, the daughter will be as well? Maybe not right now, but you’ll very likely grow into your beauty. And besides, who is to say what is beautiful? You really shouldn’t hate yourself over how you look because it’s beyond your control.

Why do you want to lose this much weight? For a boy? Well if you want to lose 15-20 lbs fast I suggest you do one of two things (or both):
– steal a bunch of your parents money and buy lots of cocaine. Do the cocaine for 2 weeks straight.
– steal your dad’s chainsaw and remove the fat manually.

See how ridiculous those suggestions are? That’s about how ridiculous it is that a 15 year old is crying about a bit of extra weight. It’s not your fault that you’re unhappy, it’s society’s fault. Movies, TV, magazines all tell you that you’re not beautiful. Peace out.

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