Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Jenny asks…

Will 1000 calories a day lose weight?

My diet is full of crappy foods but i dont normally go over 1000 calories, on average i would have a mcdonalds for lunch (600kcal) then id maybe have a ham sandwich in the evening (300kcal) i drink loads of water throughout the day and i take multivitamins, i do moderate excercise. cycling and walking everywhere i go. will i still lose weight by doing this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes you wil lose weight.

Eat healthy: eat 3 whole meals a day. For your meals, you want something healthy and that fills you up so that you don’t get hungry again for a long time. You need to also make healthy choices like eating whole wheat bread or whole grain bread instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white rice. Cut all junk food. They are bad for you and cause weight gain fast. Cut fast food as well! If you get hungry in between your 3 meals, eat a piece of fruit/vegetable, low-fat yogurt, skim milk, or fruit juice. THey are all good and healthy and will burn fat. As well as eating healthy, combine with exercise and you will lose the weight healthfully and easily. Diets don’t work in the long run. When you consume too little, or deprive yourself of certain foods, you are also not getting the essential nutrients. That’s why everyone gain the weight back and more in diets. Diet’s are a plan for fail. INstead, just focus on eating healthy. You will feel better, look better, and perform better. Opt for a healthy lifestyle, not a fad diet. That’s how you lose weight and keep it off for good.
For the exercise, don’t overdo yourself. Just walking, jogging for 1 hour each day will be more than enough. Rememeber to rest for 1 day of the week. Also, if 1 hour is too long for you, you can BREAK IT DOWN thorughout the day. Nobody said you have to get it all done in one shot, just do some after you wake up, some in the afternoon myabe, and sometime before or after dinner. It’s more managaeable that way. Walking, jogging, running or swimming are aerobic/cardio exercises and they burn the most calories and fat. They will make you strengthen or build your muscle and keep you burning more calories and fat.
Eat healthy and exercise is the golden rule of losing weight. Good luck hun 🙂

David asks…

Will working out 3 days a week help me lose weight?

I work all the time but I’ve decided to work out before work. And I do Zumba two times a week. So if I go to the gym 3 times a week plus doing Zumba 2 times a week will I lose weight? At the gym I Do 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes in the tredmill then 15 minutes on the stationary bike. Then I do 8 reps 4 times on my arms and legs. So considering all that, will I lose weight? I really want to lose about 10-15 pounds before the end of June. Help please(:

weight loss cardiff answers:

Exercise is a key facet of a healthy lifestyle and it helps you burn off calories. But it’s what happens after the workout that can negate the results of all your sweaty labor.
Eat lower-calorie meals and you will see better results more quickly. To lose weight, aim for about 200 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise and be consistent with your eating

After a workout, your muscles require material to recuperate. Choose a light meal within two hours after working out, and make sure to have something balanced with protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, too. Foods with potassium such as bananas, potatoes or raisins can help replace the potassium that is lost by sweating during a workout.

Exercise has a number of positive effects, especially for heart health, cognitive function and overall mental health. Exercise can help you lose weight. You must burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound. If you burn 300 calories in one workout, it will take 12 total workouts to lose a pound.

Donna asks…

If you poop 3 time a day, will you lose weight?

I want yo lose weight and I’ve been cleaning my colon with a colon cleanser. Can I lose weight by pooping 3times a day?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Poops usually weigh from 1 to 3 pounds so yes you will lose weight but it’s not like it will make you look skinnier if that’s what you’re going for.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sharon asks…

Seeking Tips for Weight Loss Maintenance…?

I’ve been on a diet or as I would like to call a lifestyle transformation plan for the past four and a half months.
My initial weight was 183.5 pounds ( I’m 5’4) on October 11th, 2008 and I am now down to 141.5 pounds.
My goal weight is 135 pounds.

I started out with 37.5% body fat and I’m now down to 23.5% body fat.
Also, I was a size 44 in pants and now I am a size 38. I already donated all of my jeans and skirts so I would never have anything to go back to 🙂

I am on a strict diet regiment ( I’ve been keeping a food journal for the past four and half months, never consuming more than 1,220 calories a day). Additionally, I have a personal trainer with whom I do strength training twice a week and engage in 1 hour cardio workouts 5-6 times a week. Lastly, I used acupuncture to control my appetite.

I plan a weekly menu to witch I stick to, and while I eat dark chocolate 3-4 times a week, I mostly consume whole grains, fresh vegetables and a lot of lean protein. I eat 5-6 small meals a day, with breakfast and lunch being the largest meals ( though never going over 370 calories). I am also taking vitamins, and get preform monthly blood work in order to ensure that my body is not missing any essential vitamins.

I have almost reached my weight goal and I would like to get some useful tips on how to add calories to my daily menu without gaining weight. I am under strict supervision of a licensed dietitian that has approved my weekly menus, but I am still afraid to go over my daily 1,200 calorie intake.

Here is a sample of my daily menu:

A cup of Fiber 1: 140 calories
Coffee with 1/3 of skim milk: 45 calories
Nonfat yogurt: 54 calories
Tot: 239 calories

A large red apple: 120 calories
Coffee with 1% milk: 51 calories
Nonfat Activia yogurt: 51 calories
Tot: 222 calories

Two cucumbers: 24 calories
A piece of light bread: 34 calories
Tot: 58 calories

Tomato+cucumber+ whole red pepper+ green beans+ 2 tsps of black pepper+ 2 tbs of salsa+ 1/2 cup of sliced carrots= 176 calories
11 pieces of light pastrami ( small slices)= 98 calories
Light instant soup= 60 calories
A piece of light bread= 34 calories
Tot: 368 calories

Granola bar= 92 calories
Chai with 1/3 of a cup of skim milk= 40 calories
Tot: 132 calories

Two pieces of light bread= 68 calories
Two table spoons of nonfat cottage cheese= 24 calories
Cucumber: 12 calories
Tsp of pepper: 5 calories
Sugar-free apple sauce: 60 calories
Pecan: 13 calories
Tot: 182 calories

Tot calories for the day: 1,200

– I must add that I feel full and energized, but the only downfall is that my period is late and I have contacted a healthcare professional about this and she preformed all the neccesry tests on me, and though my test results were fine, my period is already almost a week late and that is causing me to be a little bit concerned.

Thank you for your support!

weight loss cardiff answers:

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Mary asks…

Any Weight Loss Tips?

I’m 5’4 female 16 years old and I weigh 175 pounds. I know my bmi is currently 30 which means I’m now obese. I want to lose 15 pounds a month. Any weight loss tips? I reallyyy want to lose 60 pounds.

weight loss cardiff answers:

80% of weight loss is diet.
You can eat a healthy diet and lose weight.
You can eat a healthy diet and exercise and lose more weight.
You can exercise and eat a poor diet and not lose and even gain weight.
A good healthy diet high in fiber, lean meats, eggs, complex carbohydrates, whole grains, antioxidant foods, healthy beverages and low in added sugar and salt help people lose weight, lower cholesterol, increase energy, improve brain function, lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk and have a more positive lifestyle!
You need to eat a lot more food and a lot more fiber!
Diets that exclude foods from any food group are fad diets and do not lead to permanent weight loss or solve any other health issues.
First, try to kick your fiber intake to 40 grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
Whatever you do, get your fiber from your food, not from a jar.
Fruits and vegetables have good fiber in them. A high fiber diet increases the metabolism.
Try a breakfast cereal with at least 20% of recommended daily allowance of fiber in it. They are usually low in sugar so there is a double benefit. Blueberries or raspberries on top add more fiber and antioxidants. But fresh or frozen, not the kind in syrup. Oatmeal with berries or a bit of fresh honey is also good.
Raw nuts are a great source of fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants. Avocados are the best.
Lots of beans, peas, and grains are high fiber. Whole grain breads. Fiber kicks up the metabolism so you actually burn more calories. These foods will give you more gas in the beginning but if eaten daily, the bacteria in the digestive tract will elevate lowering the gas output.
This will get you on the path for a healthy daily bowel movement. This helps clean the system and aids healthy digestion. A high fiber diet reduces transit time – the amount of time it takes food from when it is eaten to when it is expelled. This reduces toxicity in the system both from internally produced, ingested, and external toxins.
I know it goes against everything you’ve heard or read but eating lots of the right foods will actually help you lose weight!
Next, take an age appropriate basic daily multivitamin. Don’t look at your multivitamin as nutrition but more as an insurance policy. Think of it as filling in the gaps in your daily diet as opposed to a primary source of nutrients.
You have to drink lots of water to be healthy. But you can disguise it. Fill your glass all the way full with ice before pouring low sugar beverages. Try iced green tea with a splash of orange juice in it for sweet. More antioxidants. Add lemon juice to water for flavor. Slice up a cucumber and float it in pitcher of water. Gives it salty fresh taste. But you must drink up to 100 oz of water daily to help your body get rid of waste and the natural toxins.
Last, you need to get 8-9 hours of quality sleep depending on your age. All recent sleep studies report a connection between poor sleep patterns and weight gain. This includes going to bed as close to the same time every night including weekends. Most of us stay up late Friday and Saturday night and it throws us off.
You must combine a healthy diet with exercise to multiply the benefit. Whether an hour a day in the weight room or just a 30 minute brisk walk every day, the added benefit of a regular exercise program really do increase and accelerate healthy weight loss.

I lost 30 pounds in 5 months by spending my money at the grocery and gym and have kept it off for over two years. Less than 3% of people that attempt weight loss lose it and keep it off for three years. It is not easy. It is a lifestyle change.
Good luck and good health.

Charles asks…

I am 14 years old and weigh 240. Weight loss tips/help?

I’m 14 years old, about to turn 15 in September. I have been looking all over for some sort of plan or help for my problem but I haven’t found anything yet. I realize I am over-weight and I would like to slim down by November. I know losing it fast isn’t the way to go but I’d prefer like, a nice lb loss per week. I realize a lot of weightloss products can and probably are very harmful for me, I’m not one of those stupid fantasy 14 year olds xD

I just desperately need help losing weight. Lay off the soda, high in calorie things, such and such,

I do plan to exercise.

I am female, I am 5’6 1/2.

I would like to lose roughly 50 pounds before november, but ill take whatever I can lose.

Can anyone help me with this? if so email me at

I can also buy certain things to help as well, so if you know anything tell me about it.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Weight loss is very easy if you have the right mind set. Think of it this way, if you stick to your plan, in one year, this won’t even be a worry anymore, and you’ll be completely free. I lost over 100 lbs last year, and heres how i did it. First is exercise, if your very overweight as i was, weight loss is extremely easy, you really just need to walk. I start walking maybe a mile and a half every day, and then once i started losing weight, it became 2 miles, then 3 miles, then 5 miles, and eventually i was walking 8-12 miles a day, and if you walk familiar paths, it really doesn’t seem that long at all. The only thing that sucked where the blisters, but you get used to them eventually, and your feet become like leather. And as far as diet goes, just find healthy foods you enjoy. For me it was a fruits and smoothies, rice cakes, salad, and chicken, with the occasional steak (i was lifting as well). And that’s really all you need to do to lose the initial weight, however once you trim down, you should kick up your exercises if you want a lean body.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Paul asks…

The Diet of Worms?

I heard about this in a history book. Does it mean that you just eat worms and nothing else, no veggies or pudding afterwards? Do you cook the worms? What do worms taste like?

weight loss cardiff answers:

They are disgusting and they only reason anyone loses weight eating them is because they starve themselves.

William asks…

The EARTH WORM DIET, have you hird of it??????

I hird that there is this new diet that just came out on the market, you get a bunch of worms from the local store and if you eat one a day you lose 10 pounds a month. Why didnt docters heer of this before now???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Now THAT is a diet that I could stick to.

Are you allowed to salt the worms, though?

I mean, not that they arent tasty enough, but can we add spices?

PS I heard that your sister got brave and started using Yahoo again.

Good for her.

-Jewish Sex Kitten

Ken asks…

Worms, Germany?

What is the city of Worms, Germany known/ famous for?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Martin Luther defended his theses during a trial in Worms. Protestant reformers refer to the “Diet of Worms.”

Worms was also one of the three places of Jewish Talmudic studies before the Holocaust. Mainz and Speyer, along with Worms, made up a triad of Jewish studies, had gorgeous synagogues, and many rabbis from all over Europe.

Penguin is also right. In the Nibelungenlied (“The Lay of the Nibelungen” in English) Kriemhild and the “Burgundians” are from the kingdom of Worms. But Xanten (lower Rhine) and Hungary play just a big a role in that epic.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

how to lose weight fast with no diet?

i need to lose weight by the end of this month! i want to lose 10 pounds with no specific diet! please help (: i am begging for your opinions 😀

weight loss cardiff answers:

There are two things you need to know right off the bat: 1) Unless you are naturally predisposed toward eating healthy, it is impossible to lose weight without following some kind of general dietary guidelines. That’s not to say that you should only eat certain foods; you just need to be smart about what kinds of food you eat. 2) When it comes to being healthy, there is no such thing as a quick fix.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires that you exercise consistently and follow some kind of healthy dietary guidelines. Any weight-loss method that claims to be quick and require no pain, effort, or self-discipline is a scam. Hundreds of thousands of people waste their lives and ruin their bodies by chasing after the latest “revolutionary” pill or diet, faithfully following each new program and only getting inconsistent, short-term, or harmful results. Don’t be one of those people.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to focus on total body fitness, not just on dropping pounds. Total body fitness includes reducing fat, building and toning muscle, and improving cardiovascular fitness. If you’re just trying to lose weight, it will be actually be much harder to achieve that than if you focus on improving your whole body. In light of that, I offer the following advice.

Running is a great way to reduce fat, tone leg muscles, and improve cardiovascular health. See if a park, sports complex, or community college near your home has a running track. Some have signs that tell you how many laps equal a mile; start by running that. If you don’t know how long a mile is, or if there is no track near your home, start by running for eight minutes. Run three days a week, and add a lap or two minutes every week. Stretching before and after running is very important; here is a visual guide Also make sure that you drink plenty of water before and after running. If running isn’t your taste, you can bicycle or swim.

You should supplement your running with other cardio and aerobic exercises, such as jumping rope, jumping jacks, and balancing exercises. Building muscle is also important because it boosts your metabolism, causing you to burn more energy all the time, even when you’re resting. You don’t even need to go to a gym to build muscle.

Nutrition guidelines:
-Read the Nutrition Facts
-Try to avoid foods with a lot of ingredients. An excellent rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients, the better the food.
-Avoid the following: foods that are high in sugar; foods that are high in saturated fat and Trans fat; processed foods (mostly chips, bars, and frozen foods); and too many foods that are high in carbs (mostly grains).
-Dairy products tend to be high in fat, but are also high in calcium, so consume them in moderate amounts.
-Keep breads, pasta, and other grain products to a minimum, and make sure it’s 100% whole grain.
-Fruits may be eaten in moderation (3-4 servings per day). Sugar in fruit is natural and unprocessed, but it’s still sugar. Avoid fruit juice that is from concentrate (high in sugar), or that contains any ingredients besides fruit juice, water, and preservatives.
-Vegetables are your friends; you can eat a lot of these. One exception is potatoes; eat these in moderation.
-Avoid white bread, white rice, white sugar, and other bleached foods.
-Beware foods with corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or maltodextrin in the ingredients. These are all sugar substitutes, are very bad for you, and don’t show up under “Sugars” in the Nutrition Facts.
-Watch your sodium intake. Too much sodium can cause dehydration, elevated blood pressure, and hypertension.
-Eat plenty of protein. See here for more information
-Eat plenty of fiber. Here is a list of high-fiber foods

I’ve got more, but Yahoo Answers tells me it’s too long. If you want the rest, send me a message.

Betty asks…

How do I lose weight fast without dieting?

I want to lose weight,but do not want to go on a diet, please tell me how and thank you. But I don’t want to go to a gym and spend to much, anything I can do around the house? I’m fifteen years old by the way so no acai berry cr#p.

PS I’m not that fat, just have a lot of jelly in my belly 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’m 15 and would really like to lose weight.
Easiest way is to quit junk food all together.
25 crunches, 25 bycycles, 25 side crunches on each side each day.
There’s really no way to lose weight without dieting and exercise.
You could boost your metablism by eating every three hour. Not junk food but healthy food with a lot of carbohyrdates and protein.
It’s really hard to lose weight, especially in the belly area without working out. :/ i wish it wasn’t though.

Mary asks…

Best diet to lose as much weight as possible fast?

I’m a seventeen year old male, and I’d love to find out the best diet possible to lose weight mainly on the upper legs, as they have a lot of fat around them, plus on my stomach too.
My friend is doing a noodles and water diet? What’s the best daily meals to lose weight fast?
Will running or exercise tone me down and if so how long for daily? 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can eat metabolism boosting foods as discussed below.

Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

You can always eat negative calorie foods for weight loss and below is a list of negative calorie foods that will boost your metabolism.

Negative Calorie Fruits:

Negative Calorie Vegetables:
cabbage (green)
Chile peppers (hot)
garden cress
green beans

These foods don’t actually have negative calories but when you eat these foods raw or slightly cooked your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what is in the food itself.

For a healthy weight loss add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most of them are full of healthy nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants and enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals.

Web search for “list of negative calorie foods”

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