Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lizzie asks…

What is average weight loss for one week?

I was wondering if anyone knew what an average weight loss per week is. I started eating healthy last week at around 1200 calories *because I wasn’t yet working out* and lost 4 pounds. Now, I’ve started eating around 1600 calories because I’m alternating with aerobics and pilates and I have already lost 2 more pounds. I want the weight that I lose to stay off *just had a baby and had a few extra pounds after getting married!* What do doctors recommend losing, and if I’m losing too much, should I add more calories or willthe weight loss taper off after a few weeks?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Healthy weight loss is around 2 pounds a week but that can be done at a way higher rate depending on the diet

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to burn fat after a rapid weight loss?

I was recently taken off of a steroid medication (prednisone) and thus, lost a significant amount of weight quite rapidly as the medication was reduced. In total, I lost about 50 pounds within the span of a few months.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer speed of the weight loss, this has left me with some awkward fat around my chest and stomach. I’m quite slim now (6’1″ and 145 lbs) but in need of some toning and trimming.

Which types of exercises are most efficient in eliminating/reducing residual fat? I’m hesitant to jump straight to muscle toning because I have read from a few sources that muscle in fact builds behind fat – not reducing it, but instead pushing it out further.

Any techniques/styles/routines etc. that aim to burn fat are most appreciated.

Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat Fat burn Foods like

Almonds and other nuts (with skins intact) – Build muscle, reduce cravings

Dairy products (fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese) – Build strong bones, fire up weight loss
Eggs – Build muscle, burn fat
Turkey and other lean meats – Build muscle, strengthen immune system
Berries – Improve satiety, prevent cravings
Enova oil (soy and canola oil) – Promotes fullness, not easily stored as fat
Peanut butter – Boosts testosterone (a good thing even in women), builds muscle, burns fat
Fatty fish (such as salmon, tuna, mackerel) – Trigger fullness, fire up fat burning
Grapefruit – Lowers insulin, regulates blood sugar and metabolism; be sure to eat the fleshy white membranes
Green tea – Fires up fat burning
Chili peppers – Spikes metabolism
Spinach and green vegetables – Fight free radicals and improve recovery for better muscle building
Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereal)- Small doses prevent body from storing fat
Beans and legumes – Build muscle, help burn fat, regulate digestion
Whey – Builds muscle, burns fat, etc…

Charles asks…

What type of supplements should I be taking for weight loss?

Just not sure what I should be taking for weight loss. Some people say whey during the day and casein at night, would this work for weight loss? I work out everyday, just not sure what will assist in the goal of thin and beautiful. Currently at 160, aiming for 145 by July. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:


Eating a healthy diet is the key importance to your weight loss success. The same can be said for a regular exercise program. You need to be optimistic!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Susan asks…

How to lose weight within a couple months?

I lost 10 pounds at the end of track season, and I was pretty satisfied, wanting to lose more weight. I have probably gained all that back. For some odd reason, whenever I eat something, I tend to gain weight easily. I see other people eating 4 slices of pizza and their skinny as a stick. I’m pretty overweight, but I honestly look average in weight because I’m tall for my age. I need to lose at least 20 pounds by the beginning of August, which is about 2 months from now. Any suggestions? Please help.
Thanks much,

weight loss cardiff answers:

We are not all fortunate to have high metabolism. You have to understand the equation between diet and exercise. You may require more diet (eating proper foods and portion control) and exercise than some kids that can’t seem to gain weight if they tried. By recognizing this you can deal with it before you get 40, 60, 100 lbs overweight. Start by packing your lunch, reducing the times you eat out on weekends, eat vegetables instead of fries and exercise 4-6 times per week. You are into track so running is a great way to stay in shape. Also try eating 3 meals and two healthy snacks between breakfast and dinner. You won’t be so hungry that you over eat at dinner or tempted to eat after dinner before you go to bed. It won’t be easy so find a workout partner so you can hold each other accountable to exercise.

Paul asks…

What is a good way to not lose breath so easily while running?

I want to start running to help me lose weight, but I am so out of shape I lose breath after not even a minute. Any tips from runners?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Im a runner and probably one of the most athletic kids in my school and i run out of breath in less then a minute but the trick is to train yourself so your body can run without that oxygen. Or train yourself to brwathe really deep and really fast while you run a lot of my teammates do that.

Mark asks…

How much weight should I lose before getting pregnant?

So, I am 29 and my husband is 36. We really want at least two children, and we want to start having them soon. I want to start trying before I hit 30, so it will be easdier for me to conceive, and he doesn;t want to be too old to play with the kids once they are older.

We would start trying now, but I am too scared, because of my weight. I need to lose about 100 pounds to be normal. I am working on losing the weight now, but losing 100 pounds could easily take 2-3 years. I don’t feel like we have that long to wait; especially if we want 2 kids.

Would it be dangerous for me to lose, oh say, 50 pounds (so still be quite overweight) and then get pregnant? Would it harm the baby?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It wont harm the baby if you start
losing weight before you concieve
or even if you do concieve the
1st trimester is hard for any pregnant woman
mostly becaus of morning sickness, and feeling
ver fatigued all the time. And even during that time
the baby has its own yolk like sac that helps give it
food and all it needs up until about 12 weeks. But i think you’d be fine
to start now

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donald asks…

what is the easiest body part to sculpt?

I want to loose weight and i want to know which part of the body is the easiest to sculpt and which one is the hardest. Also, what exercises i should do to promote the weight loss! PLEASE! Someone help i searched all over the internet and no website helped me!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You cant target an specific area of your body, but you can loose overall weigh by doing cardio vascular activities when you have reduced your overall fat % you can begin to sculpt .
Every bodies body is different so I cant say what part is easier to you. Personally I sculpted my biceps pretty fast with a healthy and balanced diet. Plus unlike other muscles the really stick out and show inprovement.

Lisa asks…

How can I get people to stop asking me for weight loss advice?

I would love to help my friends, but the thing is, I have no idea how to lose weight the healthy way. My friend know I restrict my diet to 300-400cals a day and exercise like crazy and they should know that its kinda hell-ish. Yet they still think I’m the person to go to for weight loss. How do I convince them otherwise? =/

weight loss cardiff answers:

I noticed the other persons comment didn’t really answer your question,

You should explain to them that the way your losing weight is unhealthy and can damage you, but its the only way you know how and try to convince them to just watch that calorie intake from 1300 – 1500calories or just google dieting options, its really easy to find free advice these days, but your friends need a diet that suits them, and your diet obviously wont suit everyone.
And explain they need to exercise,
The main things to lose weight healthy is this.

Exercise, WATER, Sleep, Healthy food!, and Smaller meals instead of a couple Big Meals. Stick to that and it works for sure.

Its just maintaining this for a long time which is the hard part 😉

Hope that helped.

Mark asks…

what are some good inspiration and motivation weight loss movies?

OK I am 19 and overweight I have a personal trainer and have lost 51 pounds just seems like lately I need the extra push so I have just friends staring Ryan Reynolds and I watching it over and over that movie kind of motivated me but that movie is getting kind of boring and I need another movie and I am talking about movies with some kind of weight loss not exercise DVDs if that helps thanks

weight loss cardiff answers:

We all want to have an attractive and healthy body. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with perfect figures and fit bodies. Obesity is a major health problem that is a common cause of inferiority among those who fail to have their desired weight. Men, women, and children of all ages around the world are affected by obesity. Thankfully, there are many weight loss motivation tips that can help them out.

Here are some of the most popular weight loss treatments and activities:

• Exercise
Perhaps the easiest way to have your desired body is by exercising regularly. You can jog or walk around the neighborhood or the park for approximately 30 minutes or more per day. You can even do more rigorous exercises by lifting weights or enrolling in an aerobic class. If you prefer to lose weight in a fun way, you can engage yourself in anew sport like playing badminton, lawn tennis, or volleyball.

• Diet
Another effective strategy is dieting. You can do this by including only the good stuffs like fruits and vegetables in your diet. You have to avoid junk foods like chips and other unhealthy food items like red meat, processed food, sweets, and others. In addition, you also have to put an end to drinking alcoholic drinks like beer, whiskey, tequila, brandy and others which contain high amount of sugar.

Based on the means of losing weight presented above, you can already tell that losing weight is not so easy.

Here are some weight loss motivation tips that can keep you going and fight for your cause:

• Visualization
Think of yourself wearing that little black dress or fitting into a pair of tight jeans. Imagine how beautiful you will be to the eyes of others once you have lost those extra pounds. By doing these, you are motivating yourself to do your best to lose weight.

• Record it
Keeping a record of your progress is also one of the most effective weight loss motivation tips. Record the number of pounds you lose after every two to three weeks. Once you see that everything is working to your advantage, and then you will be more inspired to continue whatever you are doing just to lose weight.

• Reward yourself
Treat yourself to a movie or a swim at the beach after knowing you lose some weight. You can also go to the beauty parlor and have a makeover. If you want, you can also go to the spa and pamper yourself.

The weight loss motivation tips presented above can serve as your inspiration and source of encouragement in losing weight. Visualizing, recording your progress, and rewarding yourself from time to time can help you shed off those excess fats.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Helen asks…

How long does it take you to get to and from your therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, or dietitian?

How long does it take you to get to and therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, dietitian, mental health coundelor? How do you get there? How much money do you spend on travel? Do you hire a babysitter?

weight loss cardiff answers:

2 minutes, walk to the school counselor building.

Jenny asks…

I want to become a dietitian, but the salary is very low. Are there any similar careers with > salary?

The average salary for a dietitian is 50,000ish per year. I’m looking for something that pays more (80,000 and up is perfectly fine). Are there any careers you could recommend to me?

As a note, I’m mostly going off what some dietitians I’ve talked to and what other adults have said about the salary. They all seem to agree that it isn’t enough.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Google: Highest paying 4 year college degrees
Or highest paying professions
Nuclear and petroleum engineering are paying quite high
About 45,000 to 50,000 to start

Robert asks…

Is chemistry a compulsory A level if I want to be a dietitian?

I would like to become a dietitian, only I have heard chemistry is one of the hardest a levels you can take and i don’t find the subject easy. Is it a compulsory subject if i want to become a dietitian?

weight loss cardiff answers:


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