Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Steven asks…

How can I go from a size 8 to a size 4?

I’m 21 years old, 5’4, 135 and a size 8. I would like to get down to about 115 and a size 4. I’ve tried a lot of different diets and exercises but nothing seems to work. I have a hard time staying motivated. Can anyone recommend a exercise routine or weight loss tips for someone like me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Umm, i went from a size 9 to a 5 from exercising and eating part good =] just eat 5 small meals which include lots of protein like chicken. Also eat lots of veggies. RUNNING is thee best,i know you might not want too but ask yourself DO I REALLY WANNA LOOK LIKE THIS FOREVER? It is sooo easy to change your body by exercising 🙂 activities like swimming and trampolining help, walking even.

P.s and I SWEAR if you drop soda drinks youll loose like 10 pounds.

David asks…

What’s a good daily workout on an elliptical?

How much should I aim to work out a day if I’m trying to lose weight? I can only manage about 10-12 minutes at a time right now, but I’m working on getting that up higher. How many 10 minute workouts should I try to fit in my day?

Also any other workout/weight loss tips would help.

weight loss cardiff answers:

As many as you can if you want to lose weight.

Don’t overdo it – but at the same time, it takes work to get results.

At least 2-3 times a day. Every day.

Once you start to get in shape, it gets easier.

Jenny asks…

what are the reprocutions or being overweight at a young age?

im 13 yrs old and around 5’10. i weight 200 on a good day (usually around 205) am i in serious trouble and i neeed a couple weight loss tips. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You must get out and start exercising. Because you are young, your weight loss will be easier and quicker than it will be as you get older. Eat a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean white meats. Avoid all starches, red or fatty meats, and oils. No junk food at all. Substitute fat free/ sugar free treats for other sweets, so that you can feel happy when you need a sugar fix, but at the same time, you are not killing yourself. There are so many great food products for dieters out there, the variety is great, best thing to do, read the labels on the backs of all store bought foods. You want zeroes in the cholesterol, sat. Fat and trans fat column. There is NO real difference between trans and saturated fat. Both are bad. Get under 6 grams of Sat. Fat and 0 in the trans fat and cholesterol and those are the prepared foods that you can enjoy. Once you get in the habit of reading labels, you will be a pro in no time at picking out foods that are good for you. Remember though…you must EXERCISE….walking is the best, use small light handweights and just walk, hit the hiking trails, nature trails, a track at school, do the mall (without stopping) about 4-5 times, just move. It’s essential. Drink lots of water, avoid Pop, even the diet sodas. Water washes out excess salt in our bodies and keeps us hydrated and feeling fuller longer. You can do this…this isn’t punishment, you are making a choice and it’s a good one. Stick with it, in 6 months you will look and feel quite different.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Helen asks…

What if we each had a deity for ourselves?

What if each of us had a deity for ourselves that takes on every aspect of ourselves? These deities would be unique to each person who bears one, and if they had an appearance, it would reflect the tastes and thoughts of the bearer.

weight loss cardiff answers:

The call it guardian angels or guardian gods – in different cultures. In my culture, they call them gods that guard people individually. That can be pagan ideology. Hindus believe that too I think.

(maybe you might see your guardian when you approach death – idk).

Sharon asks…

Christians and Atheists, do you know any people who believe in a deity, that also believe in evolution?

As well as do you think it’s possible that someone who believes in one or more deities can believe in a different form of creation of life, or would it contradict their deity/ies?
Incorrect pixie. Buddhists do NOT believe in a deity. The Buddha said seeking a god will only bring suffering.

weight loss cardiff answers:

The majority of CHristians and Jews recognize Genesis 1 – 11 as allegories (teaching stories) and not science textbooks, therefore, they have no problems reconciling scientific facts such as evolution with the concept of a creator deity.

Likewise, the Hindus and Shinto do not view their creation stories as factual, accurate historical accounts, but as culturally significant explanations of their place in the universe.

As far as I know, American fundamentalism (biblical literalism) is an extremist, fringe view and runs contrary to the teachings of most mainstream Christian views. They also appear to have very misguided views on what evolution actually IS. The nonsense I see them post on this forum makes me feel sorry for them.

Laura asks…

People of faith, mathematically choosing a deity is a gamble so why your deity?

Atheism vs Religion mathematically is a 50/50 shot. There have been over 4,000 documented deities in human history. An atheist has a 50% chance there is or is not a God or Goddess. A person of faith has less then a 1 in 4000 shot they picked the correct deity. If you choose to have faith in a God or Goddess why yours?

weight loss cardiff answers:

My God chose me from before the foundations of the world and I am not a Christian and we believe in the same God but they do not believe the Scriptures they preach and teach every Sunday and here is why I say this. In the east and just beyond our Republican wing is the invisible and eternal Kingdom of Christ and the Church that Jesus spoke of when He said quite clearly, “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” All of the godless, and the faithful to Christ are down on the earth and they all live in Adam. To be in Christ according to Scripture we must be up on the east side of the cross and secure up in the invisible Kingdom of Christ because the Lord in Genesis cursed the whole earth and NO ONE BELIEVES that or they would not be living down on lower ground in our Democrat wing because that atheistic interfaith multicultural democracy is Lucifer’s Church because it is a counterfeit to the true church up in Heaven where everyone is Spirit led. And Lucifer’s church faces Lucifer’s Kingdom because they have no light from the Christians telling them the Kingdom of Christ in the east and up in Heaven is open to all. Lucifer’s eternal Kingdom is in the west and down on American soil and in front of our Democrat wing proving there is a road that leads east and back up to Christ’s Kingdom up in Heaven. Sandy, Katrina, and earthquakes don’t strike up in our Republican wing but always down in our Democrat wing because they do not believe the earth was cursed to keep people from living naturally down on lower ground with their backs to Christ’s Kingdom. People end up going to Hell for that because they sow into the natural life born of the flesh and not into the Spirit led life that leads east and back up into Christ’s Kingdom up in Heaven. Our inner most being is already eternal and comes from the invisible Kingdom of Christ up in Heaven and our flesh comes from the earth down on the west side of the cross.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Susan asks…

Can i pretend to run on a treadmill to lose weight?

I just came up with this funny idea, i cant afford to purchase a treadmill and i want to lose weight.i weight 195 and just want to know if i can lose weight by running without moving to locations, id rather not run outside, i want my personal space.the question is, is it the same as running for real, will i burn calories the same.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Jogging in place? Sure, it works to burn calories.

You could always hit up Craigslist and see if you can find a used treadmill or exercise bike in your area.

Maria asks…

How long should I run for to lose weight?

Okay…question. They say that if you want to lose weight you should run for 30 minutes 4 days a week or more. But does that mean running non stop for 30 minutes? can you run for like 5 minutes and walk for 2 then start running again? Or does that not count? I am confused because I have a really hard time running for a half an hour without slowing down a bit every once in a while.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Basically just do as much as you can everyday. Push yourself to your max potential every time you go running! With time you’ll see you can go longer and longer. Sometimes you’ll even run shorter distances and some days farther. Losing weight is really just doing your cardio and eating well with drinking lots of water.

Mary asks…

how quick will i lose weight by running?

how quick will i lose weight by running, as in weeks months even years. what should my weekly routine be to see results faster?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You might not believe this, but if you stick to a healthy dietary habits by eating small meals throughout the day like every 3 hours, protein shakes and copious amounts of water you will lose body fat and maintain size. Things like bread and pasta should be kept to a minimum, they are still needed and are good if you need that extra energy to get through a workout. Just don’t over do them! Losing muscle mass occurs when you are on a ‘diet’ that denies your body the nutrients needed to sustain strength. You can also take some of the supplements on this site to help speed up your weight loss. Http://

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Daniel asks…

Which weight loss supplements would be safe for people under 18?

I’m 5’3 and 165 lbs, I’m going to start exercising and eat healthier foods, and am wondering what kind of (natural) supplements would be safe for someone under 18.

weight loss cardiff answers:

None, they are all dangerous

David asks…

How big is for natural vitamins and natural weight loss supplements and currently existing in the US market?

Does anyone know about this? I have been google and yahoo search for a day but still couldn’t find the right answer. Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can get vitamins and supplemetns from for really cheap. All of their items are low cost and they have low cost shipping too.

Sandy asks…

18 to purchase weight loss supplements?

I was just wondering if you have to be 18 to purchase over the counter weight loss supplements in California?

weight loss cardiff answers:

As acai berry is becoming a prominent among the dieters across the globe, many brands have come into this league. Acai Burn is one among several acai supplements being sold on the Internet. It is a blend of the extracts of acai along with several western diet supplements. As the users have mentioned their reviews and comments on the Internet, this product seems to be a great success. For instance the users say that with Acai Burn, they could lose up to 4.5 times more weight as compared to exercise alone.

It not only speeds up the process of weight loss, but also adds to your energy, health & fitness. It keeps your digestion system perfect. It detoxifies the colon & the bowel area. The users also say that they have undergone no side effects of the product. Acai Burn also facilitates several other health benefits.

Before Ordering Your Acai Product, Here Are Some Facts That Need To Be Considered

· You must go in for a free trial first.
· For that you only need to pay the shipping & handling charges. These are $5.95.
· Place order only on the company’s own website.
· Pregnant ladies cannot take this product
· Also you must be over 18 years of age to take this diet.

The Ingredients Of This Diet Supplement Are:

· Extracts of Acai
· Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia
· Extracts of Gymnema Sylvestre
· Extracts of Chromium Polynicotinate
· Extracts of Green Tea

The Dosage Of Acai Burn

· Take two pills daily – One before the breakfast and one before the lunch.
· You must not take it at night as it contains caffeine that won’t let you sleep comfortably.

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