Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

What are some ways to lose weight fast and good diets?

I need to lose weight for parkour.What are good diets and exercises?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Restricting your diet to 1200 calories … You will need to record your calories !! Best diet because you can eat what you want !!

An important thing (for me!!) is to track down all my food..whether its down on paper or on a word document…anything… Because sometimes you don’t realise how much your eating and how calorific the food really is…everything adds up so thats my number 1 piece of advice! If your looking for a calorie counter i use a brilliant one on that counts up all your calories on plates in a visual diary. Its great because you can interact with other users and get inspirations off of them. Also it tells you how much you should lose and you record everything you eat in a diary!!

So tip number 2: Fill up your plate with as much veg as you like. Veg is full of fibre vitamins and minerals and is extremely low calorie. Because of this you will feel satisfied and not binge on other foods. A flapjack has about 400 calories and a big tuna and egg salad has 300….which one will fill you up more??

Tip 3: Snack on FRUIT. Its the best snack you can ever munch on. Apples particularly as they fill you up no end, if you eat one 15 minutes before your meal they say that you eat 20 percent less than normal. Also low calorie and packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Tip 3: Balance your plates with proteins carbs and veg. Whether the protein is from nuts meat or eggs etc, its a must in your diet to stop you craving other foods and giving you that energy boost. For example eggs for breakfast is great as it keeps you full till lunchtime. Sugary cereals on the other hand leave you craving foods all morning making you lose concentration!!

Tip 4: Portion size is important. I always said that its not what you eat to a certain extent but how much you eat. Theres nothing wrong with a packet of crips or a chocolate bar its if you have 4 of them!! If your restricting your calories its fine to have a cake every now and then but write it down… Don’t go over your calorie intake of the day and your fine!!

Tip 5: Forget the processed stuff stored in supermarkets/shops, its full of additional salts and sugars that will leave you unsatisfied…and normally are packed with unnecessary calories and lack of fibre..

Tip 6: THINK NATURAL….nuts, fruits, fish, chicken, vegetables… Forget the additional sauces.. For example mayo (1 teaspoon) has 100 calories..whats the point? You may as well eat a kitkat instead!!

Good luck and hope that helps!!!!

Susan asks…

Can going on diets where you starve yourself lead to anorexia?

Im doing a project on anorexia and I need to find out if going on diets where you starve yourself will lead you to develop anorexia. Thanks in advance and if you know anything else about anorexia please share.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Anorexia is when you simply do not eat or eat very little. Bulimia is when you vomit after eating.
You don’t cause yourself to develop either problem but I would imagine that going on such a diet could trigger the feelings that lead to having those problems. Both can sprout from a poor self-image and outside influence. It’s different for everyone.

John asks…

What are some diets that are for people who have had liver faliure due to drinking?

My husband got news from the doctor that he is getting worse…Are there any foods he should or shouldn’t eat to help him ? Any exerisizes that might be helpful for the liver ? DOES anyone know any sites about diets for liverf faluire patients???Help me please

weight loss cardiff answers:

I suggest American Liver foundation:

their educational info, with free brochures:

plenty of info, and you can even find a doctor on their site, who lives near you and maybe of help.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

How do I lose weight just on my thighs and nowhere else, preferably without the use of any equipment?

My body is a good size, except on my thighs. They are pretty big compared to the rest of my body. It looks stupid and unbalanced. How can I lose weight in my thighs without losing weight anywhere else?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Walking does numbers on the legs.

Mary asks…

How much weight can you lose being a vegetarian or vegan?

I am about 5’7″ and 170 pounds. I can’t seem to lose weight on diet plans. I even tried the low carb diets and eating that much meat was just too gross for me. Has anyone tried going vegetarian or vegan to lose weight? Would you have any additional recommendations for this dieting method?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have many friends who have lost 20 or more pounds just by becoming vegetarian. If they worked out, they’d lose even more.

I went vegetarian just over a year ago and lost 8 pounds “accidentally.” I’ve kept it off the whole time (5’6″ and 130 lbs now). I think the reason it happened is because by cutting out meat, I was also cutting out the stuff that came with it – french fries, soda, etc.

More importantly, I have more energy, need less sleep and overall feel much better. The best part is my monthly cramps have disappeared (no extra hormones in my system from processed meat!)

The important things to remember are:
Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can eat bread and cheese all day. You need to limit the high-carb items and eat stuff like natural peanut butter, hummus, black beans, vegetarian chili, etc. Amy’s Organic is an awesome line of soups, burritos, frozen meals, etc. That are reasonably priced and found at almost every grocery store.

Consider keeping seafood in your diet. Salmon and tuna are great sources of protein and amino acids and are really easy to prepare.

Quit drinking soda – even the diet stuff. It’s full of chemicals and crap that makes you crave it more, and many brands of the diet stuff have tons of sodium, which makes you hungry. If you need caffeine (like I do) have coffee or tea.

You should give it a try, like I did. Just tell yourself “for one week” cut out all meat, and see how it goes. You may be surprised by how easy the transition is. Good luck!

P.S. – Exercise too! Even walking 30 minutes a day will make a world of difference.

Helen asks…

How can I lose weight and avoid sagging skin at the same time?

I need to lose weight but afraid that I will have the saggy skin that many people who lose a lot of weight have. Don’t want to have surgery so I need to know the most effective possible way of avoiding skin sagging.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Regular exercise tones the skin as well as the muscles, so if you lose your weight slowly and gradually and keep up regular exercise like walking or biking, and your skin will tone up as well as the muscles beneath the skin. You may still have some sagging, but not nearly as much as you would if you lose the weight quickly and don’t exercise as part of your routine.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

How to kick start your weight loss?

I have recently hit a plateau in my weight loss and have stayed teh same for the past 3 weeks. What can I do to get back on track. I have switched up my meals so they are not the same, remain eating healthy, i walk 4-5 km’s a day, lots of water, 20 minutes of intense cardio a night.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Plateaus are very normal and they CAN be as long as 1-2 months. Just don’t give up, it just means that your body got used to the way you treat him now. Change your exercise, maybe intensify it or make it longer. Just don’t lose your motivation until the plateau is over and you will be on your way to gain your goal weight! 🙂

I also recently found this blog. It’s very motivational and maybe it has some alternative exercises that might work for you?

Here’s the link:

Keep up the determined mindset of yours and good luck! 🙂

George asks…

What are good weight loss sites you know of?

I’m interest in some weight loss advice/help sites. I find I’m not getting a lot of the answers I need on here. I need somebody to talk too about fitness/weight loss, etc. I want some kind of online support system you know. Thanks..

weight loss cardiff answers:

I like the five days on a diet blog and just reading the weight loss articles

and restaurant diet reviews

Mark asks…

what is the best weight loss shakes to drink for weight loss diet?

o.k. been searching the web for awhile and i wanted to know what is the best weight lost shake and exercise. If you have accurate answers please share. Really need the help to help and find weight loss options for the people I motivating to lose weight.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can find details about all you need to know about lose weight effectively and healthy supplements for weight loss at the blog on my profile. Also, there is information about a simple and efficient program to lose weight, and if we combine the blog’s tips with this program, amazing results could be obtained.

If you have any question, just email me ethbbv@yahoo…

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

Tips for sticking to a change of lifestyle to lose weight?

Any tips on sticking to a lifestyle change to eat healthier and be more active? I’m sick of being fat, and I want to turn my life around. I’m 17 years old, and I’ve been overweight my whole life. Recently I’ve been gaining weight like crazy. I’m tired of this. I want to be a healthy, active person, but my willpower is very low, so if anyone has any tips on sticking to a plan, I’d greatly appreciate it.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Two suggestions – 1) substituting foods; and 2) incorporating exercise into your daily routine INSTEAD of going to the gym. I was able to lose weight and maintain my weight loss easily by doing these two things.

First, if you cut out certain categories of food, you probably won’t stick with it. Same for “going vegetarian” just to lose weight. When I committed to losing weight, I was able to drop the weight quickly and painlessly by substituting foods. If I ate spaghetti, I used ground chicken or ground turkey instead of ground beef. Instead of Frosted Flakes, I ate corn flakes. Instead of soda, I drank water. Instead of fried fish or chicken, I ate baked. When I ate a salad, I ate fat-free dressing. I substituted regular cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. For fat-free. All of these things helped me reduce the amount of calories and fat I was taking in every day without feeling like I was depriving myself or on a diet. That’s why I was able to maintain it.

Also, I have a weakness for cheesecake. Now, when I go to a restaurant, I’ll make a friend split a slice with me instead of eating it by myself. That way, instead of 700 calories, I’m only getting 350. Still not great, but half as bad :-). And when it comes to restaurants, check online to see what the calorie and fat content of the food is before you go. This will make you want to choose the healthier selections.

As far as exercise goes, I tried the gym, but committing to 2 hours a day plus travel, having to change clothes and get there, was just too much extra work. Plus the monthly fees :-(. Instead, I just incorporated exercise into my daily routine. At work, I took the stairs instead of the elevator. I work on a college campus, so instead of calling someone in a different office I just get up and walk over to their office, even if it’s in a different building. I don’t take the closest parking space in parking lots. Instead, I’ll park further away and walk. When I’m at home watching TV, during commercial breaks I’ll do 25 crunches or stretching exercises. Recently, I had a flat tire, and instead of calling AAA, I changed it myself. Also, I needed to have one of my bedrooms painted and instead of hiring someone, I did it myself. All of these things burn calories, but since I incorporate them into my daily routine, it doesn’t feel like I’m taking extra time out to get it done. Also, you can easily add an extra 15 minutes per day of exercise doing this, which amounts to over an hour and a half of exercise per week (the equivalent of walking 20 minutes per day 5 times per week).

Just think: most little kids stay healthy not by going to the gym, but by staying active throughout the day. That’s the way it’s supposed to be as we get older, too.

Donald asks…

What is the best way to lose weight in 6 months ?

I know the basics. Eat healthy, exercsie.
But I get discouraged very easily.
Are there any fun exercises I can do ?
Its cold out so I cant do any running/ walking.
Any tips ?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Quit sodas, chips and all that junk food, it really helps! Instead of chips, snack on fruits and nuts. But remember to give yourself one day of the week to splurge on your favs. Do house cleaning, it may not be fun but simple house cleaning is good exercise and keeps you busy, not thinking of snacking and staying in front of your pc or tv. Stretching, waking up earlier than usual, we tend to wake up late since we don’t have school or work, but just by changing your sleeping habits (we don’t really need more than 8 hrs of sleep) will make a difference. Playing with your siblings, kids, nephew, nieces, pets, gives you and everybody exercise and makes everyone happy.

Charles asks…

How many minutes of “hard core” cardio would I have to do everyday to lose 15 pounds in 3 months?

I weigh 143. I’m trying to lose face weight, and i heard that cardio is the best place to do that. I went jogging this morning for about 10 minutes, but my heart was racing for 20.

Is this enough??

weight loss cardiff answers:

Firstly you can lose as much weight as you want in a short time period, however, you will gain it back. I am speaking from experience from someone who has been there done that with fad diets. There is the obvious liposuction, however, the recovery time is 3 – 6 months and it sounds as though that you’re in a rush to lose the weight for possibly an event with no downtime to spare. I am and have been on weight watchers for 2 years and lost 25 lbs. It was a slow and steady race, however, I haven’t gained the weight back ‘cause my diet has been stabilized and so was the weight loss from 0.5 – 1 lb/week.

Remember the weight gain didn’t happen overnight, it happened slowly over time, the same is with proper healthy weight loss, you can’t have/perform miracles over night.

These are some things that I do.

1.Drink lots of water as it kept me full longer.
2.Used an appetite suppressant like hoodie to make sure I don’t go over my daily calorie intake.
3.Did cardio and toning 3 – 4 times a week.
4.Made meal and recipe modifications as I cooked.
5.When I dined out, I made sure that I wasn’t shy about asking the kitchen to make modifications like dressing/sauce on the side, half portion ordered the kids meal etc.
6.Brushing teeth after every meal, the mint acts like an appetite suppressant and without the taste in your mouth, you can easily forget about the food.
7.Never drank diet cola, the aspartame actually made me crave food more for some reason.
8.At work I take a break before lunch and either take the stairs in the building or just general toning without weights. We have a gym at work so I do about 15 minutes of weights which not only gets my blood flowing but releases tension from a**hole customers.
9.Bought snacks in bulk (to save money) and properly measured what a cup or portion was and made individual baggies. There are some snacks on the market that are 100 calorie snacks, however, I find those to be too expensive than just buying in bulk and separating the portions yourself. Also by physically separating them yourself, you get an idea of what a portion is supposed to be and you learn to properly eye ball correct portions.

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