Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donald asks…

What are some good tasting dieting foods/dishes?

Certain foods, like..veggie dishes, or healty substitutes for desserts, i want to lose some weight but still not feel deprived. I hate to diet..because i feel deprived from eating things that taste really good. So what are some good diet foods for teens? Thanx.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Okay, this will feel like a really cool dessert but its so extremely good for u

1. Cut up 3/4 strawberries
2. Add some blueberry / raspberry if u want
3. Add a tiny pinch of salt
4. Add 1 tablespoon full cottage cheese or yogurt.
5. Sprinkle some splenda (if u want) on top

voila…..btw…i like cottage cheese better

Steven asks…

Is corn a good dieting food because most of it can not be digested?

I think due to it’s cellulose most of corn, or at least the wrapping on each corn, can not be digested, and just simply passes through the body. Does this make it a good dieting food due to people being able to eat so much of it without digesting too much carbs?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Only the very thin outside layer of the kernel is cellulose. The rest is VERY highly concentrated calories, mostly carbohydrates. It is a TERRIBLE diet food. There is a reason we use corn to fatten up beef cattle.

One small cup of corn has 123 grams of carbs, 8 grams of fat and 606 calories! Thats’ ‘with nothing on it!

Susan asks…

what do you do if your cat is obese but wont eat any diet food?

my cat weighs 23 pounds and its been super fat ever since i got it. but when i try to put it on diet food its trys to scratch me and gets all mad… what should i do?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Cut his food back or mix his diet food with his regural food and slowley over time take his regurlar food out you can also but his food down and if he has not ate it in 30 minutes take it up and try agian later

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

Will I lose weight quicker if I eat less weight watchers points?

I have joined Weightwatchers yesterday – first meeting is not until next week. I have been calculated that I have a daily allowance of 30 WW points. If I stick to say 24 a day, will I lose weight quicker?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The best way to lose is to fast (not eating anything). That is why Gandhi was so skinny.

Joseph asks…

How much water should i drink to lose weight?

I heard water makes you lose weight and I’m trying to lose weight quick. As i am 5’8 150 lbs. How much water should i drink a day to help me lose weight? Thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

It won’t actually make you lose weight, but getting 8-12 cups of water a day will help your body and your digestive system run more smoothly, it will help flush any junk out of your body and detoxify, and if you are burning fat it will help flush the waste products from that out of your system.

So yeah. 8-12 cups a day, or roughly 2-3 litres.

Sharon asks…

How can I lose weight in 6 weeks, while going to school?

My Friend wants to lose weight quick she doesn’t have an account so she has asked me to ask the question. Also she goes to school so she needs food for a pack up. Please give her a plan.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You say ‘your’ friend but use ‘I’ in the title…

Eat a pretty big breakfast (WHAT EATING MORE!?, BUT THAT’S GOING TO GAIN WEIGHT). Wrong, eating a pretty big breakfast will stop you getting hungry and eating more throughout the day.

Keep away from junk food and eat things that are natural, Veg, Fruit, Nuts ect. Drink plenty of water.

Eat every 2.30-3 hours, don’t starve the body, it will cause the brain to panic by going into starvation mode and will store fat for when its needed.

Exercise, only 30 minutes a day running will help, this isn’t a lot if you think about it.

The world we live in tells us its hard to lose weight, so you will by some diet pills, slimfast ect. It’s Easy, just get up and moving.

Lunch ideas, Tuna, Chicken breast (not KFC) spinach, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, (WOW, look at that everything on the planet that doesn’t have to be processed. Noticing a pattern) the earth gave us everything we need to live a long and healthy life.

Think – 1 burger from a fast food joint – 500 calories, before you have one, think about how much running you would have to do until you burnt that off, but then again, treat yourself every 3 weeks – 1 month to something you like.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Maria asks…

What are some good ear buds to wear while running/working out?

I’m planning on doing a giveaway on tumblr on my weight loss blog and I wanted to buy items specifically for the giveaway. I know people like to listen to music while running so I was wondering what some good ear buds might be. I personally don’t use them, But I think my followers would appreciate them. I need something that’s comfortable, Less than $15 and that won’t constantly fall out each time they run. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I use Klipsch earphones when I’m working out and they’re pretty good. It came with earplugs with different sizes, but they cost about $100.

Before that I used Skullcandy Earphones. They were pretty good for the price. If I remember correctly, they were about $12. That could be an option.

Good luck with your giveaway!

Mary asks…

Do you think its wrong to have a weight loss blog?

I’m trying to lose some weight and reading blogs helps me keep on track so I made one myself on tumblr. I’m losing weight the healthy way, I don’t starve myself and don’t promote or want an eating disorder. But people still complain about people who have weight loss blogs. What do you think? I feel bad about having one now
thank you everyone!!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

There’s a big difference between having a weight-loss blog focused on a healthy lifestyle and pro-eating disorder sites.
I actually think it’s very positive. If someone goes out there looking for weight-loss tips, I’d much rather them stumble upon your site and be inspired by how well you did doing it the healthy way, than to stumble across a “diet” page made by someone who is promoting methods of starvation or crash-dieting.

Jenny asks…

What is the best and easiest site to start a blog?

I don’t want to use myspace because it is my business/ music profile. So…. where can i write (anonymously) about my everyday life—struggles, joys, etc. Somewhere I can rant and rage if i want. somewhere i can ask for support and track my own progress. Like, a weight loss blog or a career path blog or something. Any ideas?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Probably one of the biggest blog site is WordPress ( It has a lot of features, (so you can be anonymous if you want), and it is highly customizable (you can use raw html and make templates, change the font, background, images, etc).

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

can anybody tell me hoe to lose weight easily and fast?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Well I’ve been reading a lot about recent diets, and its not the fat content you look at only. Its mostly the sugar. Sugar turns right into fat! My mom went on “the sugar busters diet” (look it up!) and she has lost SOOOO much weight. Pretty quickly. And eliminating sugar from ur diet also cures heachaches!! And try eating only whole grain things (no white flour or white bread)

but anyways i strongly recommend looking up the sugar busters diet, because my mom has tried like every diet there is and this is the only one that noticably works! Good luck!!

And may i recomend NOT trying diet pills? They can cause blood clots, heart attacks, and i bunch of unwated things!!

Mandy asks…

How to lose weight fast for a teen?

I am 15 and weigh around 265 pounds and I’m 6’1 1/2 about 6’2. How can I lose weight easily, and I am a guy. I weighed 280 a month ago and all I did was quit all of my soda and sugar but I haven’t lost a lot since then.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You need to exercise. Ideally, an hour a day (not all at once). If you can do 30 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes before supper, at a decent intensity, you’ll see more weight come off. Even just going for a nice brisk walk 2 times a day will make a big difference.

Check your fruit and vegetable consumption to the food pyramid–are you getting enough? If not, then you probably have other foods replacing them. Focus on getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables and you’ll get less of the other foods you are eating too much of.

How about greasy foods? Do you eat a lot of those? Those would be another thing to eliminate that would help you lose weight easily.

Ruth asks…

Why do I lose weight so fast?

Im a 17 year old girl. I don’t really exercise, or anything. But I’m able to lose weight soo fast. I am able to lose like 5 pounds in like 3 day with out doing any diets or exercises. Why am I able to lose weight so easily, and fast? . Btw I weigh about 115 and I’m 5’5.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You’re an ectomorph with an extremely high metabolism

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