Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Steven asks…

P90X workout questions :D?

Hey. I’ve come across this workout program thats meant to get u looking ripped in 90 days. Im considering buying it but just have a few questions and queries. Thanks for helping.

1) does it really work? (obvious question)

2) Will it get rid of body fat effectively? (im over weight but not too fat, will it get rid of belly and man boobs?)

3) I’ve heard that this program might make u put weight on? Is that true? Im definately not looking to bulk up too much or gain weight. Im looking to lean down and lose body fat so that all my muscles come out and are easily visible, and so thats it looks sweet lol.

4) would u recommend i buy it? ( i do not want to gain any fat, just lean down nicely)
Please feel free to give any other relevant information that will help me

Thanks a lot guys in advance 🙂
Im 17 years old by the way.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’ve been through the program twice this past year…Classic version and Doubles version.

1. It’s a very good program but if you think you’re going to look like the guys in the infomercial just from doing the program, you’ll be disappointed. Those people didn’t get their results from JUST P90X. However, I still recommend it as a very good strength training and total body workout program.

2. I lost 10 lbs on the program and gained strength and muscle. Depending on how well you work the program and your eating habits, will determine if you lose fat on it or not. Remember, fat loss is about more calories burned a day than are consumed.

3. Since muscle tissue has weight, yes you may gain pounds. However muscle tissue also takes up less space than fat so if you are losing fat and gaining muscle you may gain weight or see no change in the scales, but notice your clothes becoming loose. If you don’t need to lose fat on it and you just gain muscle, then you may put on weight with your muscle size…but that’s preferred tissue for most people and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. If you don’t want to bulk up, do the lean version which is lighter weights and more reps on each exercise. It’s explained in the program…6-8 reps for the people wanting to get bulky muscle, 10-12 reps for the people wanting to be more lean.

4. I do recommend it and I will go through it again. I’ve been off it since over the Summer but still occasionally use one of the workouts from it in my daily program for variety. I used the Cardio X program just last week because the weather wasn’t suitable for me to go running.

Take the fit test first to see if you are ready for it (it’s not a program for beginners)…if you are ready then it’s worth your time. You do need some equipment to work the program most effectively though…resistance bands or dumbbells, resistance bands or a pullup bar, and a yoga mat is helpful but not mandatory (but you do need a nice surface to lay on for part of the yoga program and some of the stretches).

See source link for the fit test…and good luck!
Bring It!

George asks…

Would you like to correct my English essay?

I have to write an essay about how obese Americans are suing Fast Food chains and if I agree with it or disagree.

For many years, all across America, consumers have been finding solace in reliability and availability of fast food. Big fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Jack In The Box, offer unbeatable prices but with those unbeatable prices comes a consequence. Many consumers would like to point the finger at the fast food industry for their poor health choices but the problem is not as simple as that. Countless circumstances can avoid this national epidemic such as exercise, better health choices, and alternative foods. Eager consumers have no problem picking up a juicy mouth-watering Big Mac or a sizzling bubbly large Dr. Pepper and devouring it without question, but when the consumers is faced with the issue of their obesity, they cry wolf and quickly search for the one to blame. Fast food chains are not to blame for obese Americans, obese Americans do not have the right to sue fast food chains for their obesity. The issue is a question of responsibility and accountability.
The main reason obesity in America is poor health choices. Countless consumers enter the fast food establishment without questioning how many calories, total fat, or sodium is in the product they order. Due to their ignorance, they are accumulating so many calories and therefore becoming more obese. If the consumers only took the time to consult with the restaurants employees about what their healthy choices are they would be more informed about the food the fast food chains serve. Instead of ordering an oozy sauced Big Mac at McDonald’s which has 540 calories, the consumer may want to try a blooming bright Fruit In Yogurt Purfait which only contains 380 calories. Jack In The Box offers a wide range of healthy food alternatives such as the Asian Chicken Salad with grilled chicken which only has 160 calories and the low fat Balsamic Dressing which only includes 20 additional calories. Burger King also offers a Veggie Burger which add up to 330 calories. Many healthy alternatives can help the consumers battle their obesity and also get on track to a more healthy lifestyle. Having better health choices will greatly improve the consumers knowledge of the food they eat and prevent them from ordering products that are greased in fat, powdered in sodium, or drenched in sugar.
Americans all across the nation are becoming increasingly more lazy, and this has a lot to do with the current obesity rate in America. If consumers are constantly consuming fast foods that are filled with fat the consumers are more likely going to have less energy and therefore will be more hesitant to performing physical activity. Americans who walk for 30 minutes a day can lose a significant amount of weight and eliminate the risk of heart disease. Consumers should get in the habit of living a more healthy lifestyle that include more fruits and vegetables in their diets and monitoring how much fast food they consume. Nuts and sea food, such as fish, salmon, and trout, help the metabolism when it comes to burning unwanted fat. Another important component that should not be overlooked is the power of water. Water can make the consumer feel more full during meals and prevent the consumer from overeating but this includes drinking a glass or two before meal times. Water curbs the metabolism and enables the consumer to digest their meals more effectively. Lastly watching how much the consumer eats is another important part of the process. Portion size is a hot topic and should be addresses more when it comes to eating habits. Consumers eat too much of a portion size, and this could lead to obesity very easily. Being more aware of how much the consumer is supposed to eat will help them tremendously in the long run.
Fast food restaurants in America serve fattening, sodium infested, and sugary foods. This does not hold fast food restaurants accountable for the millions of obese Americans in the world. There comes a time when the consumers must take responsibility for their actions instead of pointing the finger and blaming the fast food industry. The fast food industry does not force feed the consumer with these foods, It is a matter of choice, and the consumer should be more aware of the choices they make. There are so many alternatives for fattening fast food but requires the consumers to look for alternatives. Opening the consumers eyes to a whole new way of thinking may not be an easy task but can easily be feasible. Americans can exercise, order healthier food, or even replace a large soda for a bottle of water. The fast food industry is not to blame for obese Americans; The Americans that constantly eat out and gorge themselves with the most unhealthiest food choices are to blame. The consumers should know the different between right and wrong and take accountability and responsibility for the choices they make.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You don’t seem to have stuck to the subject – you talk about blame, you talk about pointing fingers, you discuss accountablity, but never once do you talk about people suing fast food chains – and that’s what you were supposed to be writing about.

Robert asks…

What do you do if you suspect that you have a learning disability?

i think I have dyspraxia. Here are the symptoms that I experience:

Poor balance. Difficulty in riding a bicycle, going up and down hills YES

Poor posture and fatigue. Difficulty in standing for a long time as a result of weak muscle tone. YES

Floppy, unstable round the joints. Some people with dyspraxia may have flat feet NO

Poor integration of the two sides of the body. Difficulty with some sports involving jumping and cycling YES

Poor hand-eye co-ordination. Difficulty with team sports especially those which involve catching a ball and batting. YES

Difficulties with driving a car HAVENT LEARNT TO DRIVE A CAR

Lack of rhythm when dancing, doing aerobics YES

Clumsy gait and movement. Difficulty changing direction, stopping and starting actions YES

Exaggerated ‘accessory movements’ such as flapping arms when running YES

Tendency to fall, trip, bump into things and people YES

Lack of manual dexterity. Poor at two-handed tasks, causing problems with using cutlery, cleaning, cooking, ironing, craft work, playing musical instruments YES

Poor manipulative skills. Difficulty with typing, handwriting and drawing. May have a poor pen grip, press too hard when writing and have difficulty when writing along a line I HAVE POOR PEN GRIP, BUT I DONT HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH TYING OR DRAWING

Inadequate grasp. Difficulty using tools and domestic implements, locks and keys YES

Difficulty with dressing and grooming activities, such as putting on makeup, shaving, doing hair, fastening clothes and tying shoelaces I HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH TYING SHOELACES, BUT NOT THE OTHER THINGS

May use either hand for different tasks at different times NO

May talk continuously and repeat themselves. Some people with dyspraxia have difficulty with organising the content and sequence of their language YES

May have unclear speech and be unable to pronounce some words NO

Speech may have uncontrolled pitch, volume and rate YES

Tracking. Difficulty in following a moving object smoothly with eyes without moving head excessively. Tendency to lose the place while reading YES

Poor relocating. Cannot look quickly and effectively from one object to another (for example, looking from a TV to a magazine) NO

Poor visual perception YES

Over-sensitive to light YES

Difficulty in distinguishing sounds from background noise. Tendency to be over-sensitive to noise
Over- or under-sensitive to touch. Can result in dislike of being touched and/or aversion to over-loose or tight clothing – tactile defensiveness YES

Over- or under-sensitive to smell and taste, temperature and pain YES

Lack of awareness of body position in space and spatial relationships. Can result in bumping into and tripping over things and people, dropping and spilling things YES

Little sense of time, speed, distance or weight. Leading to difficulties driving, cooking YES

Inadequate sense of direction. Difficulty distinguishing right from left means map reading skills are poor YES

Difficulty in planning and organising thought YES

Poor memory, especially short-term memory. May forget and lose things YES

Unfocused and erratic. Can be messy and cluttered YES

Poor sequencing causes problems with maths, reading and spelling and writing reports at work YES

Accuracy problems. Difficulty with copying sounds, writing, movements, proofreading YES

Difficulty in following instructions, especially more than one at a time YES

Difficulty with concentration. May be easily distracted YES

May do only one thing at a time properly, though may try to do many things at once YES

Slow to finish a task. May daydream and wander about aimlessly YES

As you can see, I have answered YES to the majority of the symptoms. I spend 6+ hours on homework assignments and although I perform above average, I still feel that I am not working to my potential, and I do feel like a retard when I cant figure out DIY projects, tie my shoes, differentiate left from right, and put a key in a lock.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I would suppose the next logical step would be to register as a Republican.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

i need some ideas for weight loss/dieting?

i need ideas for easy dieting or weight loss plans. Like easy ways to loose weight fast. I have been bulimic in the past and anorexic at one point and i want to change my life style to a healthier eating and exercising habits. I used to be a lot thinner and just really want my pre-baby body back. Can anyone help me with tips for dieting and exercising on a low budget?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can do crunches (like 100 regular and 50 on each side every day) or other ab things like holding your legs at 45 degrees for as long as you can, crunches with your legs straight up in the air, sit ups, crunches on a fitness ball, or lay flat on your back and lift your legs to 90 degrees and continue to lift your butt off the ground <– thats one rep and its really good for your lower stomach. If i run every day and do a bunch of crunch things (like 20 min) i see a big difference in a week. There are tons of these types of workouts out there. I would try a lot and find out which ones you like and feel they success-fuly burn the most.

Donna asks…

Do u know of any good weight loss plans?

im 6 6 335 and i really wanna drop to 300. i been going up and down!
before it was easy to lose like 10 pounds in 2 weeks now ill be lucky to loss one pound a week
?im not fat fat but fat buff as people tell me but sense i gain 335. i gott slower in football!
any ideas?
i run 3 miles 3/5
then the rest i lift.
should i do more?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s real simple bro.

Good calories/bad calories.
Omega 3 laden salmon, wild pacific, good. Good
Grain fed (omega 3 deficient) Cow meat fried in canola oil. Bad


Nutrient density. If you eat a pile of pasta with cheese and meat, you’re not getting a wide variety of nutrients! You gotta pack on the nutrients in every bite. Go with the 80% raw, whole plant based diet with nuts, seeds, sprouts, all that stuff. Then add on some really high-nutritious foods that are cooked.

That way, your body stops being hungry because it has all the nutrients it wants, you feel good, you feel full, and your body chills out.

Michael asks…

what is a great weight loss plan thats fast and easy?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi Diamond,

I have tried every diet under the sun… Jenny craig, weight watchers, tony ferguson, other shake diets, detoxing, even obesity pills,

I honestly believe that there is no quick fix. I have now lost a total of 18kg after having kids and the quickest I have ever lost has been in the past 3 weeks where I have lost 4kg.

I have increased my water intake to 2-3 litres a day (I force myself to drink it!!) and I have stopped stressing on it (the more I stress the less I lose) and I just really monitor my portion sizes and what I eat!! And honestly THATS IT!! It’s been the best and healthiest way I have ever lost weight!!

Good luck with your diet, I hope you lose the weight that you want!


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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…


help me out please

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. He was also a participant in the German Resistance movement against Nazism, a founding member of the Confessing Church. His involvement in plans by members of the Abwehr (the German Military Intelligence Office) to assassinate Adolf Hitler resulted in his arrest in April 1943 and his subsequent execution by hanging in April 1945, shortly before the war’s end. His view of Christianity’s role in the secular world has become very influential.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know who Dietrich Bonhoeffer is?

Would you recommend any of his books?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (February 4, 1906 – April 9, 1945) was a German Christian religious leader and participant in the resistance movement against Nazism. Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor and theologian, took part in the plots being planned by members of the Abwehr (Military Intelligence Office) to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He was arrested, imprisoned, and eventually hanged following the failure of the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt.

And see his official website.

Lisa asks…

Who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

key facts about him.
what kind of political personality did he have?
what grabs most attention from his work?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The biggest thing was his involvement to kill Hitler, got him hung before the end of the war.*

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lizzie asks…

If I eat 1200 calories a day will I lose weight without exercise?

I eat 1200 calories everyday I weigh 155.5lbs I am 5″0 and i am 19 what happends if I eat 1200 a day and exercise I don’t get any of this weight loss stuff.

weight loss cardiff answers:

In order to lose weight you need to incorporate both healthy diet and exercise. Eating 1,200 calories can help you lose weight if you exercise. Or just eat your normal calorie in take and minus 500 calories a day either by exercising or just cutting out calories. This will manage to lose 1-2lbs per week.

Donald asks…

As a woman, how do I exercise and lose weight without my legs becoming too muscular?

I have naturally more muscular legs and I really want to lose some weight (from my stomach, arms), but without doing exercise that makes my legs bigger! Biking and rowing have done that in the past, and running hurts my hips too much. What other options are there?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’m the same way. Very muscular calves.
So I do the elliptical for cardio as you have the movement for the arms to tone then up and the motion of the machine doesn’t put on muscle on the legs.
The bike only targets lower body so that’s not a good option.
The row machine in my opinion would be the best one.
Do you do a weight circuit?
What about any group exercise classes? At my gym they have body combat that it a lot of punching and upper body work.

Steven asks…

what is the best way to lose weight without exercise?

Hi im m/20/US, im 5’6 and 158lbs and I want to lose weight and not gain muscle either. I work as a clerk and am standing all day and by end of day its time for bed

weight loss cardiff answers:

Not possible, in order to lose weight you must burn more calories then you take in. So that means excercise is the only way

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