Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mark asks…

Weight loss desperate help easy points?

Okay guys, summer not my fa vourtie because I cannot do the fun summer stuff that involve water! I have 2 months to change my body and I’m determined for this summer to be my weightloss summer so I can look good for back to school! I have 2 months to do this, I’m thinking 20-30 pounds would be nice to loose in this long period! What are some tips tricks workouts meal pplans anything just to help me reach my summer goal! Cheers !
Also will walking my dog for an hour a day help. I cannot visit the gym as I live hours from it!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You’ll have to increase your activity level and decrease your caloric intake.
Pick an activity you like, otherwise, you won’t stick with it.
Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and again, pick ones you like, occasionally trying new ones.
Good luck, my goal is the same as yours!

EDIT: I think walking the dog is a FANTASTIC idea. No one says you have to go to a gym, and your doggie will thank you for it!

Jenny asks…


Ugh ok so my mom just basically told me I was really fat like she looked at me and I was talking and she just goes…”You are so fat” …and then she started screaming at me. Im 5’6 and 140….Ik its bad but Ive been secretly binging and purging for a bit…but i didnt purge today so I’ll have to get to that so my mom doesnt keep saying I look big. She says she doesnt want a fat daughter. Any tips on how I can get stick thin like quick? Btw- I’m 15 so easy teen tips

weight loss cardiff answers:

Omg you are not fat. At all!
It sucks when parents are like that tho…you are still so young…dont feel bad about your body!
Some good tips:
instead of cokes of fatty drinks, drink water! Alot!!
And cardio!!! Cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape! So, walk, run, treadmill, eliptical (my fav!), tennis, basketball, just get out with friends and exercise for fun!!!
And make sure to watch what you eat…and watch your portions! Dont over eat!!!!

Remember, dont feel bad about yourself! You and your body are beautiful!
If you want to improve, dont do it for anyone, do it for yourself 🙂

Laura asks…

How to loose weight in a low change way?

Hi, I am 14 and I am overweight. I have tried many things and havn’t seemed to stick with any.. I need a good weight loss plan that is easy for me to do and a plan I will stick to!!!!!!!! Since im 14 I can’t really go out and buy special foods or go to the gym and stuff, so it will have to be something simple and that will work for me!

If you have any other weight loss tricks and tips include thoose too!
Thanks 🙂
Yay for me, I forgot to mention I’m a picky eater but I try to fit my veggies and fruits in, in ways that I enjoy them Examples: fruit smoothies!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Easy! When I was 14 I lost 40 pounds in 4 months. Start counting calories and do not eat more than 1200 a day.

-water, not juice. Or water with a splash of juice for flavor.

-use to calculate everything u eat….eventually this gets easier.

-I woke up early every morning and went for.a 30 minute run before eating anything. I also did a lot of crunches and stretches on my bedroom floor. No gym required!

If you are serious about this, you will lose weight.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Joseph asks…

Can anyone suggest any good diet recipes that are low calorie and filling?

I have just started a diet,but am feeling hungry inbetween meals so am looking for some low calorie recipes that will fill me up for longer.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I havent got any recipes, but i always find a handful of almonds and a banana does the trick 😀
or an apple and some grapes

Ruth asks…

Do you know some good diet recipes?

… someone have good place where I can find good recipes? I read fantastic coking tips on . Is there some good web place like this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The vegetarian and vegan foundation put together this excellent example diet/free book about nutrition with a week meal planner:

It’s in PDF format so you can print it out like a book:

Also, for other dairy and meat free recipes, check out

Maria asks…

What are some good diet recipes to make, I love chili so any diet chili to make? (with meat)?

I’m looking for some recipes that can help me lose, but a recipe that will give me a few leftovers.For example when I made the chicken soup, I had 26 cups, enough for a while to last me, so I want recipes to last me, since I don’t have a whole lot to spend on dieting all the time.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Depending how how low cal you want to make this, I can make it really low cal and very good, but it takes a bit of work.

Spray a non stick sautee pan with a bit of Pam. Then add diced 1 yellow onion, 2 cloves of garlic and half a pepper. Cook for about two minutes then add about 1/4 c. Chicken stock, 1 finely diced chipotle pepper in adobo with about 1 tsp. Of the sauce, and about 1 tbsp. Each salt, pepper, chili powder and cumin. Let this cook on a light simmer until the liquid is almost gone. Then add about 1 lb. Ground turkey breast. Sautee this up until almost done. Then add 2 large cans of diced tomatoes, 1 can of light kidney beans with the liquid and 1 can of dark kidney beans without the liquid. Mix in 1 tbsp each salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, and oregano. Also 2 tbsp. Of seasoning salt. Let it simmer on low for about 1 1/2 hours. It freezes really well. I do this all the time. Made it for superbowl and I thought I was going to have leftovers, but nothing.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

is it possible to lose weight without exercise on the rawfood diet?

i heard that if i go on a raw food diet for a month, 100% raw by the way, without exercise, i kan still lose about 15-20 pounds depending on my metabolism, is this possible?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes. And you will have much more energy that you will really WANT to workout with a raw food diet/lifestyle :]

Mark asks…

How can I lose weight without exercise equipment?

I am over weight, and i want to lose a lot of weight. Every day i do 100 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, and i walk for an hour everyday, but i lose like one pound a week, what am i doing wrong? Am i not drinking enough water or something?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try the Lil Jack workout

Sharon asks…

How can i lose weight without exercise or a proper diet?

I want to lose weight but i don’t want to do anything that will make me break a sweat. I also want to be able to eat mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I still want my 6 daily snacks as well.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hey there.I went through the same thing,and I’m telling you it’s not even that hard.That is such a big misunderstanding that people think they shouldn’t eat to lose weight,I went to a doctor and she gave me a program and it is so full of food that at first I thought I might even gain weight.but it is all about eating just at your meal times,and not to snack now and if you try to have your meals ONLY at those 6 times,and nothing more,you can eat good stuff and lose weight.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mark asks…

Any free weight loss programs for 13 year olds?

I am trying to loss weight and need a program that will work.
I know all of you think I am to young but I really do need to lose weight.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Well, I do know one diet I found did work for me, but it’s not an easy diet to deal with, and it’s free as free gets! And I’m probably going to catch a lot of flack for even suggesting this to a child, but try a water diet. It’s suggested normally for about five days, but you might want to start it trying just two days to see if you can handle it. This is the way it goes…

*Side note: I lost five pounds in two days trying this diet, if that’s any indication.

It helps if you have a water cleaning system, like PUR or Brita, because the diet calls for nothing but purified water. If you have something like that, this diet only costs the price of replacing the filter every three months. If you have a fresh filter, then there’s no problem.

But basically, you do nothing but drink water– and maybe occasionally eat an apple or something– they’re mostly water anyway. It’s not an easy program to get through, but after three days (on the full five day program), hunger basically goes away and your body starts feeding off its stored energy (fat). However, since you’re young, again, I’m suggesting maybe trying it for two days and taking a break for a day or two before doing another two days.

The basic trick of this diet is that your body starts dropping stored water and salt from the foods you eat on a regular basis. You’ll have to use the bathroom a lot, but that’s natural for this diet. Whatever food allergies you might have cause swelling that is what’s called “False Fat”, which you’ll lose almost immediately (within three to five days on the full program). Again, it’s a hard diet, but it does work if you really stick to it. Doing it once per month is considered ‘safe’, but it’s basically a fasting. DO NOT do it more than once per month… It can make you sick if you do it more than that. A few days on and a few days off usually helps keep you safely fed and the weight should stay off as you continue to lose it. Remember: No more than five or six days per month.

Carol asks…

do these weight loss programs offered by kaya life, vlcc, that provide passive exercise with machine work?

I have been told that these passive exercise machines provide muscle stimulation that aids weight loss.but i am worried about side effects.If anybody has taken such a program, pls give review.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes they work if you do as per as it’s written, I have got to know about few of those who have said that they don’t work, but they will also say that they didn’t followed there rules as well.

Nancy asks…

What inpatient weight loss programs are in New York?

I’m looking for a hospital or clinic that has an inpatient weight loss program in the state of NY. Do you know of any? Thanks for your help 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

Cut down on the takeaway food!! And say if you happen to head over to McDonald’s don’t get a Big Mac Meal, instead select a salad or a wrap. They’re significantly better.

Cut down on the carbohydrates and fat. And when you eat many burgers in your diet aim to substitute it for ground turkey in its place. By simply replacing a couple of items can really change lives.

Drink soy milk, it’s got a lesser amount of calories and it’s much healthier.

Do a cardio exercise at least twenty minutes every day.

Remember it’s okay if you happen to slip. Just picture your self immediately after and say ‘I CAN do this!’ Don’t think of it so much as a diet, think of it more of a approach to life and trust me, the unwanted weight will come off.

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