Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

Good Tips for Teenage Weightloss?

Im 178cm, 69kg and I want to lose enough weight to fit Easily into my weight range (and size 10 jeans would be nice as well!!) I would just like any tips on how to effectively lose weight since I am about to start school holidays (and that usually means more junk to eat.)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eats lots of fiber full foods with wholoe grain/whole wheat etc etc hope that helps you!

Sharon asks…

Do you think this can be true?Our body and psychology can be related?

I heard this kind of thing twice or thrice at diffferent places.On tv I once saw a woman giving tips to an overweight guy how to transform his thoughts that he is overweight

Hey, do you want to lose weight easily by doing nothing or get motivated to lose weight easily without even giving up half-way?

The key and answer to successfully do it is in Your Subconscious Mind.

The subconscious actually stores a multitude of memory patterns which will feed information to the conscious mind when activated. Data is never erased unless the subconscious mind gives that command.
For example, when you walk or drive to your destination, you do it automatically without being aware of it – that is your subconscious mind doing the whole process without your conscious mind.
The subconscious brain is very good at its job and works 24 hours a day on keeping us alive.

The subconscious controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, circulation, Metabolism, Digestion, hormone balance, etc.

So you may wonder.. how do you tweak or make your subconscious mind to lose weight easily? The answer is… Hypnosis!

Hypnosis is done by bypassing your conscious mind to your subconscious mind giving instructions and storing them successfully.
That is why people can quit smoking, feel extremely motivated, attain success easily, study easily and so on Successfully just after 1 session of hypnosis! Even faith-healing uses Hypnosis!

My friend tried hypnosis to lose weight. Initially, her weight was 198lbs and she lost 18.3lbs within 3-weeks! All by natural metabolism! And she never even change her diet but ate as normal!

The best thing about losing weight via metabolism is… it burns fat everywhere in your body equally! This makes your body look perfect in shape!

You will thank me because I can guarantee you Hypnosis Works! You can just let your natural metabolism be high and Lose Fat Doing NOTHING effectively and immediately or be motivated to stop binge eating and exercise regularly without pain or laziness

(copy pasted)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes, it is infact true but I’m not very sure if it can be effective to everyone. I think there will be about 30 out of 100 people (just a rough guess, maybe more or maybe less) for whom there won’t be any effect, I’m one of them!

When I was in school, my mom sent me to this course (link below) which was related to hypnosis kind of a meditation but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Maybe because I was still too young to concentrate at that level or maybe some other reason. But I still think that such things can’t change/improve/affect me!


Donna asks…

I want to lose belly fat but…?

I want to make my stomach flatter without going on a diet! (Im 15yrs old) I dont even want to lose much weight. I can feel my abs on my stomach when I flex, but you can’t really see them. (When I do flex its a 2-pack.) I’ve done about 100 situps per day a while ago, and it gave me the abs, but my stomach isnt flat! So heres the main thing: I want to lose the belly fat. How can I do that easily and effectively? There isnt much fat, I just want to lose it so I can see my abs without flexing and get a flat stomach.
Oh, I also have a pe class every school day if that makes a difference.. Anything I should change or add to my workout to lose belly fat?
I also run pretty much everyday in my pe class

weight loss cardiff answers:

You have to realize not every woman is meant to have a perfectly flat stomach.
Not many people do.

To loose fat you have to do cardio like running, biking, swimming,etc. You can’t choose where you loose weight from.

Stay away from salty foods because those make you retain water, which can lead to bloating and can just make you look and feel bigger

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Linda asks…

What some health alkaline diet recipes?

I am trying to lose weight and become healtier. I have been reading about the benefits of a diet high in alkaline foods, but it looks difficult to follow. Can you give me some alkaline diet recipes?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Anytime you change to a new diet, it is helpful to find recipes to get you started. Once this becomes a habit, you will likely develop some recipes yourself.

Green Smoothies:
In a blender, layer 1 cup ice, 1 cup water, 6-8 frozen strawberries, and 3-4 handfuls organic baby green spinach. Blend until it reaches the desired consistency. You may need to add more water.

Any mixture of greens: spinach, romaine, leafy green lettuce, bok choy or other greens can be the base. Add to that chopped raw veggies of your choice. Tomatoes, avocadoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots, radishes, onions are all alkaline. Eat as many as you desire. Top with a simple vinaigrette made from 1/2 c raw apple cider vinegar, blended with 2/3 c virgin olive oil, and 1/2 c honey. Add herbs, spices, sea salt to taste.

Kale Salad:
Kale is a dense green and needs to be worked with to eat raw in a salad. Tear the kale in small pieces, drizzle with olive oil. Gently massage the olive oil into the kale leaves. This makes them softer and easier to chew. Drizzle with a light vinaigrette, toss lightly. Add 2 cups of chopped veggies, such as onions and tomatoes. Garnish with a handful of raisins.

Donna asks…

What are some good dishes for Lunch and dinner to eat while on a diet – recipes too please!?

I’m on a diet what are good recipes/ cooked foods to eat that will fill me up, that are healthy and decent calories. Please give the recipe

weight loss cardiff answers:

I hope these help and good luck!!!


4 whole chicken breasts, skinned and cut in half
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Pepper
1/4 tsp. Garlic powder
1/2 c. Diet apricot preserves
1/2 c. Low cal French dressing
2 tsp. Diet apple jelly
1 tsp. Dry chicken bouillon

Place chicken in a foil lined pan. Combine salt, pepper, garlic powder and sprinkle on chicken. Combine and brush remaining ingredients all over chicken. Bake at 350 degrees F. For 1 hour.


1 c. Plain brown rice
1 c. Diced celery
1 c. Diced carrots
1 sm. Onion
1/2 c. Pecans
1 sm. Can chunked pineapple
1 c. Raisins

Cook rice according to directions on bag. Saute celery and carrots in pineapple juice for 10 minutes. Low heat, add onion and saute another 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add pineapple, raisins and nuts. Drain any liquid then add to cooked rice. Use soy sauce if desired. Serve as a side dish or use as a diet snack. (Can reheat in microwave.)


4 lg. Tomatoes, halved
1 tbsp. Prepared mustard
2 tbsp. Chopped green pepper
2 tbsp. Chopped celery
1 tbsp. Chopped green onion
2 tbsp. Butter, melted

Place tomatoes, cut side up, in baking dish. Sprinkle with salt. Spread with mustard. Combine green pepper, celery, onion and melted shortening. Spoon over tomatoes. Bake at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Makes 8 servings, 51 calories per serving.

Daniel asks…

Help with diet/recipes that contain little to no meat?

I was raised in a meat-loving family so I never was used to eating salads, nor do I know how to make vegetarian meals.
Now I have a medical condition that requires me to lay off red meat completely, and to have very minimal white meat.
I’m allowed to have some free range fish and eggs, but the diet is supposed to be based on vegies, lentils, chick peas, and such.
Please share some of your vegetarian recipes or links to help me out.
Thanks 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

Amy’s Soy Mac-n-cheese, add Soy Knox or Smart Dogs.

Amy’s Indian food or Trader Joe’s Indian Food (Dal) with rice.

Veat ‘Salmon’ (pan fry in olive oil, garlic powder and capers or lemon juice) serve with rice and a salad.

Hummus, pita bread and a salad.

Gardenburger Breakfast Bacon – make a BLT add avacado.

Slice tomatoes in rounds, top with Soya Kaas mozzarella cheese, basil, cut up figs (peeled, washed in hot water to bring out the sweetness) sprinkle with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Leave out to room temp until cheese is ‘melted’ looking.

Stir-fry veggies and rice with Tofu – I use extra firm, wrap in paper towels to soak up the excess water. Cut in slices, fry in a little olive oil, hot pepper sesame oil and soy sauce. Sprinkle with ginger, garlic, curry, whatever you have in the cupboard. Top with sesame seeds. You can also top it with sliced veggie cheese and serve on toasted sourdough with mustard.

Gardenburger Riblets, baked potato, broccoli (w/ lemon, margarine and garlic) and a salad.

Pasta w/ marinara sauce, if you have Boca Itailan Sausages cut them up and add it to the sauce. Serve with garlic bread – spread butter on bread, sprinkle with garlic powder and brown in a pan, butter side down.

Clean portobello mushrooms, cut up, saute in olive oil, garlic and a little soy sauce. Serve with salad.

MorningStar Farms Sausages (not the breakfast ones) are good on homemade pizza – add mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, onions, soy cheese.

Easy Corn Chowder Soup – 1 can each of White Corn, Yellow Corn and Creamed Corn, including the water from the can. Cut up celery add to the pot, add a little rice dream milk.

To vegetarian refried beans add mild green sauce. Add soy cheese if desired. Make Spanish Rice – Far East and/or Rice-a-Roni makes it in a box, just add tomatoes. Serve in a burrito, taco or tostada – add lettuce, tomatoes, soy cheese and avacado to the top.

Quorn turkey roast, with mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Use leftovers on for a ‘turkey’ sandwich or in soup –
Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

6 cups of pure water
¾ cup Vegetarian Chicken Soup Base
6 organic celery stalks, chopped
1 ½ cups sweet onion
6 carrots, chopped finely
1 package organic noodles (rice, corn or barley)
1 package of Quorn Tenders (or use leftover Quorn Turkey Roast cut up)

Sauté Tenders lightly in olive oil. Heat water, add soup base, stirring gently. Add vegetables, noodles (consider breaking them into 1-2 inch pieces) and Quorn Tenders.

Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich
1 (1 pound) loaf Italian bread
6 fresh basil leaves, chopped
2 tomatoes, sliced
4 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced (Soya Kaas)
1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

Slice the loaf of bread in half lengthwise. Layer the basil, tomato slices, and mozzarella cheese between the two halves of bread. Cut into four sandwiches.
In a small dish, stir together the balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes. Use as a dipping sauce.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

How to lose weight easily at home?? (read description)?

i’m 16 and before you tell me that i’m too young to be feeling self conscious, just keep reading

so i work at a fast food restaurant and i’m an athlete .. not the best combination ..

.. i’ve been working there for 8 months now and since i started, i gained 7KG because we get free food in our breaks and well .. i have to eat something for lunch/dinner as there are no other food places around ..i don’t eat ALOT .. i try to eat the healthierishh foods they have which is actually nothing hahha but i’m aware of the fat and calories and stuff in all the food.

its like the end of winter atm and i really want to try lose all that fat from eating so much at work. The sport i do doesn’t really do anything in terms of weight loss, it just increases my muscles i guess haha .. i’m not overweight or anything .. i’m like average.. but i used to be on the borderline between normal and underweight ..

my scale is one of those that tells you what percentage of your body is fat/muscle/water/etc..
atm i’m 44% muscle .. and i guess thats ok? coz my sport involves ALOT of muscle haha..
i’m not neccessarily consious about my weight but i’d rather turn those kilos of fat into kilos of muscle haha.. i look ok and people say i look skinny but my legs are like HUGE.. its mostly muscle but the outside is like pretty much fat .. like FAT =

so how do i get rid of the fat on my thighs/calves and also around my stomach .. at home..

i’m at school/work/training pretty much ALL the time so i hardly spend time at home

what can i do at home that isn’t really time consuming … preferably thing’s you’ve tried that actually works 😛

i have a gym ball at home …… if that helps LMFAO

thx in advance (:
* people say i’m skinny because i’m tall .. not going to reveal my details but im in the high 50’s for KG and im around 1.7ishh M .. last time i checked which was like over a year ago so no doubt i got taller hahah
* i walk alot .. on days i don’t train after school, i walk home from the bus stop which is like 10 minutes up a hill and on days i do train, i walk from the train station which is about 1km away .. 10 – 15 minutes depending on how fast i feel like walking .. plus i carry my massiveeeee heavy school bag + training gear there.. hahha

so i don’t really have time to like .. just stop and walk for 30 mins ..

in the holidays i usually go to the gym and i used to have a personal trainier but stopped .. i considered getting one last holidays but i was too busy with training that i had no time to go .. =

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dude, bottom line: If you are active enough to feel tired after 30 minutes of whatever you’re doing, then you can eat whatever you want…I go to football practice 2 times a day for 3 hours each and sometimes I eat a whole pizza after.

Betty asks…

ok please help me! i’m going on a cruise in 2 weeks and i really need to lose some weight!?

I need to lose most of my weight in my stomach because i have a pooch and its not too pretty. I also need to lose a little fat in my legs but it isn’t my main focus. Also, I would like to lose enough weight so i can look good and have a little to gain back! I was thinking about 5-10 pounds would be great! I don’t lose weight easily so please help. Feel free to give my different exercise to try.

Thank you sooooo much! 10 points for the best answer and really works.

weight loss cardiff answers:

No offense but if you knew you were going on a cruise don’t you think should of asked this before it was just 2 weeks? Especially if you don’t lose weight easily? Just saying. But the only way you could lose that much in a small amount of time is to do high intensity cardio 5-6 days a week and be on a strict diet. No junk or processed foods. Lots of veggies, lean meat like chicken and fish, fruit, and three servings of dairy preferably not fat. Cut out pasta. Only have carbs and breakfast. Eat three meals a day with two snacks in between. And drink only water. And a lot of it. That’s about the most you can do. You’d have to work really hard though.

Sandy asks…

What are your top 3 weight loss challenges?

I teach a technique to lose weight easily and keep it off permanently. I’ll be answering the top 5 most frequently asked questions in a free 30 minute radio show on Wednesday July 14, 2010. Please include your first name and your city or state, so I can address you personally if your question is chosen! If you’d like to listen to the free blog radio show, please contact me at: Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have just one. When I got to a point where all is left to lose is the last 10-15 lbs I am not seeing results fast enough and get discouraged.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

William asks…

what are some easy weight loss diets that actually help u lose weight fast?

okay so im not lookin for answers from a**holes an im not fat i just wanna lose weight withought starving myself like some people do ..

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat 1500-1700 calories a day and work out for thirty minutes. Drink green tea because it boosts metabolism too.

Michael asks…

What is the best weight loss diet to follow or supplements to take?

I need to lose weight and need an easy diet plan to follow with two kids and not a ton of money to spend or hours to cook. Willing to take supplements along with just need something, anything!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you are really looking for the best weight loss diet,
I suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result

Maria asks…

what is a good easy diet to loss weight?

i have tried slim fast i have cut back to 2 meals A day.
run 45min everyday

weight loss cardiff answers:

No. Try to sexercise

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